Art Holidays in Morocco

A New Palette of Colours

Painted door in Taroudant
Traditional Moroccan architecture

For any artist the chance to expand the palate as well as the palette is always welcome, so join one of our fantastic leaders to experience our Art Holidays in Morocco. Add some vibrant and ochre tones to your paint box and board a plane to Morocco where the colour, light and forms will inspire you to experiment with interpretations.  Whether natural or man-made, the colours, shapes and textures of your surroundings are full of vivid contrasts.  Around Taroudant you will be inspired by scenes such as:


Colourful food in Morocco
Colourful food
  • the palms against the town walls, set against the back-drop of the High Atlas
  • the vibrant colours of the arts and crafts, ceramics and women’s clothes
  • bright light and shadows
  • brilliant displays of fresh produce and spices in the souks

In the countryside

Outside the town, the mountain landscapes are surprisingly green on irrigated terraces.Workers in Berber (Amazigh) village pottery glazing unfired clay tiles, Riad, High Atlas Mountains, Taroudant Province, Souss-Massa-Draa Region, Morocco

And the many  contrasting trees – for example the gnarled walnuts and ancient olives contrasting with delicate, spindly almond trees.

Goats throng around the simple village houses and multi-coloured washing is laid out to dry on any available surface.

olive groveObserve the exquisite textures of the foothills, where small bushes on smooth hillocks appear like sprigs of parsley garnishing piles of paprika dusted with white pepper.

Dramatic rock formations and endless variations in geology make for fascinating opportunities to capture their essence on paper.

I had a fantastic holiday and have been singing the praises to one and all. It is the perfect holiday for a person who is traveling alone.The staff were nurturing, the group interesting and inclusive.I loved not being in a touristy area. The food was excellent and Louise a lovely and gentle leader. Sue Salts, November 2016

This autumn I shall lead my fourth painting holiday at La Maison Anglaise in the heart of Taroudant. I find it inspirational: particularly the shapes and vibrant colours of the people in djellabas, the details of the souks and fruit sellers, the beautiful interior patio garden of an old hotel where we paint and the landscape for all those ochre colours in your paintbox unused in our British greenness! Just being in the house makes you feel part of this very different culture and that’s inspirational! Painting and drawing is not just about representation; it’s about expressing all the senses whether in colour, texture or figuratively and Morocco will give you all this! Leader: Louise Waugh, July 2016

Artists in Morocco

Claudio Bravo PaintingMorocco has always attracted artists, a notable example being Claudio Bravo.

An exciting opportunity for artists is a visit to the Claudio Bravo palace and  gardens where the famous Chilean artist finally made his home after a longstanding love affair with Morocco. Situated just outside Taroudant, the museum houses a remarkable collection of works of art by a variety of artists including Bravo himself. Our guests who visit are usually stunned. It includes a copy of the Menara Pavilion in Marrakech – in a better setting.

Anti-Atlas mountainsWinston Churchill was entranced by the scenery of Morocco after spending the winter of 1935-36 there.  The striking contrast between the arid desert and the backdrop of the imposing Atlas Mountains  inspired him to paint some of his finest watercolours.

Churchill’s doctor recorded in his diary: “We stood gazing at the purple hills, where the light was changing every minute.” Churchill himself murmured: “It’s the most lovely spot in the world.”

Folk Art

D104-8158 house with superb exterior decorWherever you go in Morocco – even in the poorer areas – you see interesting examples of folk art on walls and doors, often created using local pigments.

P1000466Traditionally, islamic art avoided representation of living forms: hence the creation of many geometric patterns, all of which have meaning. Such symbols are richly represented in embroidery, pottery and carpets.  Many paintings and murals depict scenes of people or animals.

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