Booking Conditions and Passport or Visa Requirements

1) Insurance

It is essential that you are covered by a good travel insurance which should be purchased when we tell you that your group holiday has recruited enough participants or at the point we tell you that you should make travel arrangements (whichever is the earliest)  – your insurance should have medical cover, cancellation insurance and cover for any special activities (such as trekking, horse and camel riding and surfing) that you intend to take part in. Warning re Cancellation Cover you need to purchase your insurance before you book flights. If you decide to delay the date of purchase of your insurance cover until nearer your departure date, you risk the loss of any payments made for your holiday before the policy comes into effect.

NB An expensive “Worldwide” policy is not normally needed –  many companies include Morocco under their European policy. The cheapest way to insure is an annual policy, which you may wish to compare online quotes for, or purchase through your bank or the Post Office. Cancellation cover will protect you in case you have to cancel for an insurable reason.

To ensure that we can take speedy action in an emergency, we collect details of your policy either en route to your group  as soon as you arrive at the airport. We therefore ask you to carry your policy certificate when travelling (must include the policy emergency phone number).

2) Health

You must inform us if you have any physical, emotional, or other disabilities which would create a hazard for you, your guides or other tour participants.  It is important that you are able to keep a reasonable pace with others of general good health in the group. We ask that you respect the decisions of our staff, who may advise that you should modify certain activities to avoid problems.  For example, if the group is undertaking a trek in the mountains, one option is to come along to enjoy the scenery and then find something to interest you in the company of our lovely driver and/or bring a book.

If you have a new condition or a worsening of an existing condition, please let us know a week before you depart.

Things to Consider

  1. a) what time of year to visit, bearing in mind the weather conditions in southern Morocco. More at
  2. b) the layout of our guest house
    From late Autumn 2019 we expect (but cannot yet promise) that all our rooms will be on the ground floor, although access to the roof terrace will be via staircases.

3) Cancellation by You

Notification of the cancellation of the holiday must be provided in writing to us (by email) immediately; failure to do so may prejudice your entitlement to claim any refund or to make an insurance claim.

If you are booking as part of a group, it is important to understand that the consequences of your cancelling will affect our ability to pay the group leader’s fee, will affect the economics of shared vehicles, guides etc. and anybody taking your place may have to buy a flight at an inflated cost, as well as its being difficult to recruit as the departure date draws nearer. Hence our cancellation conditions.  If you cancel, you are at risk of losing payments already made. For most holidays the conditions below apply, but for certain holidays where there is a greater financial commitment for the leader payment dates may be earlier.

  • Your deposit (for most holidays this is up to 71 days before arrival)
  • All monies paid or due by 70 days before holiday start date (Payment 2 date as shown on Statement)
  • 100% of cost of holiday  once your final payment has been made (usually less than 42 days before arrival)

Options For Reducing Cancellation Costs

a) transferring  onto another similar holiday if you find that the dates you have booked are not convenient or
b) you may be able to find someone to take your place.
Both a) and b) will incur an administration fee, depending on the complexity of the consequences for updating bookings (which can be complex if a tour is involved), recruiting a replacement, sending new reports to our transport and accommodation suppliers etc. Administration fees are estimated to be between £20 – £50.

4) Cancellation by Us 

If you have booked a place on a group holiday which cannot go ahead due to an insufficient number of bookings, we shall try to offer you a place on an alternative group holiday of a comparable standard – although flight and other costs may vary from the original price. If an alternative is not available, we will make a full refund of all monies paid.

If you wish to retain your booking but are willing to forego the special group interest activity (e.g. Singing, Yoga, Dance), we can still offer you a holiday at a reduced cost at La Maison Anglaise.  This will differ in content from the one you signed up for but can include some of our activities 

In the case of our taking the decision to cancel a group holiday, you will not have bought your flights, as we only instruct you to book your flights once we have a viable group.  We cannot take responsibility if you book flights before being advised to do so.

5) Exclusions

All information is correct when listed on our website. However, due to mechanical faults, weather conditions, “Acts of God” (as defined by insurers), staff sickness or other problems, some aspects of the holiday may not be as advertised, in which case we will always do our best to provide an acceptable alternative.  For example, should your group leader be unable to attend, we will try to find a suitable replacement through our network of contacts in the fields in which we specialise.

We do not accept liability for:

·         any of the above events, or others beyond our control
·         loss of or damage to your personal property
·         medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after your holiday

Your travel insurance policy should cover these and other contingencies.

6) Passports & Visas

If you have full passports issued in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia or New Zealand or most EU countries, you don’t need a visa. If you have a passports issued elsewhere, it is worth checking if you need a visa. Other nationalities should see information published by the Moroccan Embassy or phone them on 020 7581 5001. In order to ensure that you can enter Morocco your passport must be valid for 3 months minimum on the date of entry. UK renewals can be made through UK Passport Office (they can be issued in a day).

7) Problems

If any problems arise please mention these immediately to either our office in the UK or the staff in Morocco (or both if you feel it’s appropriate) so that we can deal with them promptly.  If the staff are unable to provide a satisfactory solution you must report immediately to us by e mail to

We hope you appreciate that we cannot give compensation for any problems which have not been reported immediately.