Renewable energy in Morocco

Morocco embraces renewable energy

Aware that their demand for electricity was growing at 7% a year and that they were dependent on imports for 97% of that energy, Morocco had a vision to promote renewables.  A huge solar plant in Morocco is part of this plan.

By 2020 Morocco plans to generate 42% of its energy from renewables, using a combination of solar energy, wind and hydropower.  This puts the UK to shame: we aim for 30% renewable energy by the same date.

Solar plant in Morocco near OuarzazateThe world’s largest solar plant in Morocco

As part of this ambitious target, early 2016 saw the completion of Phase 1 of the site destined to become the world’s largest solar plant.

Situated in the desert near Ouarzazate, the Solar PV plant, created using new technology, is scheduled for completion in 2018, and will provide electricity for more than 1 million people.  It will cover an area equal to their capital city, Rabat.  Most significantly, it will reduce carbon emissions by hundreds of thousands of tonnes.

Mafalda Duarte, the manager of Climate Investment Funds (CIF), which provided some of the project’s funding, said: “It is a very, very significant project in Africa.  Morocco is showing real leadership and bringing the cost of the technology down in the process.”

UN Climate Change Conference Morocco 2016

Even more ambitious plans are afoot, and Morocco hopes to use the next UN climate change conference, which it hosted in November 2016, as the springboard to source 52% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.







Plastic Bags banned in Morocco

Morocco is really ahead of the game on many environmental issues, including Solar PV, and has now wisely followed the lead of a handful of countries around the world, where campaigns for the elimination of plastic bags have had great success.

The production, sale, and distribution of plastic bags, have been made illegal.  The campaign aims to distribute alternative, sustainable bags, assist former producers and distributors of plastic bags, and raise awareness of the reasons for the elimination of plastic bags from Morocco.

It is hoped that the Moroccan talent for innovation and creativity will allow the new law to take effect in a positive manner. Farmers cannot fail to welcome the innovation as their fields will be free from the unsightly and dangerous detritus which has littered the land for several decades.

The tourist industry is likely to get a boost when visitors are spared the ugly sights and damaging environmental consequences of plastic packaging.   It is exciting to predict that Morocco will be seen as a healthy and clean destination, and local people will feel proud of their country.

Holidays with Heart will encourage the Taroudant community to hold educational events, and set up groups to assist with removing rubbish and finding alternative ways of carrying groceries.

New Terminal at Marrakech Airport to open for UN Climate Change Conference

Solar PV farm near OuarzazateMorocco has been chosen as the venue for the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP 22) 7 to 18 November 2016

Morocco has been recognised as a forerunner in sustainable development – the most newsworthy example being the Solar PV farm near Ouarzazate.

The benefit for our clients is that Marrakech airport is opening a new terminal which will be completed in time for the conference in November.

There is now a much wider choice of flights to Marrakech, for example Easyjet offers daily (or twice daily at peak periods) from London Gatwick, twice weekly from Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester and from many European airports.  Several other airlines fly from Europe and beyond including British Airways, who fly daily from London.

One of Lonely Planet’s top 10 Eco Stays in the World for 2014

(17th Febuary 2013)

Lonely Planet’s authors and travel editors were asked to nominate outstanding eco-friendly hotels and hostels. From the incredible array of green stays around the world, their panel of experts hand-picked 10 of the best. We are proud to announce that travel writer James Bainsbridge (who is co-author of Lonely Planet’s Morocco guide book) nominated La Maison Anglaise and we are now in the Top 10 in the World.