Dancing Holidays in Morocco

Dance and Culture Holidays in Taroudant, Morocco

Singer and percussionist in Berber Band

Gnawa street musicians

Dances take place both indoors and outdoors, at home on our roof terraces or whilst out on excursions. There are opportunities to meet with and dance to local Berber and Sufi musicians. We can cater for up to 14 dancers or more for some dances and in our new Ecolodge, on our new top roof terrace, from Autumn 2019 we will have a much larger inside and roof terrace dance space (both 8 m x 8 m) and a huge outdoor circular sunken garden for dancing, so go on book one of our Dancing Holidays in Morocco.

If you’d like any help choosing your holiday – for example advice on weather, content, flights that might suit you best please contact us.

This is a gem of a place. I came here for two weeks bringing two groups of dance and yoga enthusiasts. The food here is just amazing and the staff willingly cater for any dietary requirements. We used the top terrace for early morning yoga as the sun rose, simply magical. Then in the evenings we danced on the terrace under the stars. There are 8 staff connected with the place and every single person went out of their way to help us and ensure that we had everything we needed. The specialness about the place though is the trips they offer to visit the projects supported by the venture. A very special place and highly recommended. Chrisandra Oct. 2015

Circle Dance

Circle Dance group
Circle dance on the lower terrace

Common to many cultures, dancing in a circle brings people together to experience the joy of dancing, to share the uplifting experience of moving together and to create a sense of well-being and community. Added benefits are improved memory and coordination.  Anyone can join in – you don’t need a partner – and there are tempos to suit all tastes: energetic and spirited or reflective and gentle.

Circle Dance on a threshing circle
Circle Dance on a threshing circle with Laura Shannon

Many dances are traditional – from Europe, the Balkans, Israel, Russia and more –  whilst others are modern choreographies to contemporary or classical music.

Several Circle Dance guest teachers visit us each year: some focus on Women’s Dances; some on traditional dances; some include more modern choreographies; some are suitable for beginners; some include more meditative dances and all are adaptable to the group’s needs. If you’d like advice on which teacher might best suit your needs please contact us.

circle-dance-with-tea-tray-mh1I have to tell you that this was one of the most magical, delightful, dance-ful and mind-blowing holidays I have ever spent!   There are simply not enough superlatives to do the whole holiday justice.Your staff were – as ever – incredibly kind, helpful, cooked the best of wonderful dishes and catered very carefully for my vegetarian peculiarities; – in fact as Sybil said at the end -“This is not a hotel -it’s a home.”   To which I will return again when Laura leads her next dance fest there. Gilly Neill Nov. 2016

As always those wonderful staff are amazing and it was a delight to be with them again. Please please do pass on my heartfelt thanks to every single person there. Circle Dance Leader, Jeanette Whitford. Oct 2018

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Book now to avoid disappointment and get the best flight prices.  See our Holiday Calendar here look for our Dancing Holidays in Morocco.

Our lovely leaders include Laura Shannon, Chrisandra, Nawal and Dee, Barbara Driscoll. More links to the leaders will be found by the brochures associated with each holiday.

Dances of Universal Peace

Originating in the late 1960s, Dances of Universal Peace is a highly accessible form of dance using simple movements combined with singing or chanting in groups, usually accompanied by acoustic instruments. It is a joyful, multi-cultural way to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and to connect with others. The impact can be profound. Our teachers are gifted musicians as well as wonderful souls.

Glen DUP on roof terrace

“It has been such a wonderful sharing here, with Said and Rachid teaching us chants and prayers, and also dancing and singing with us. It feels like a really valuable meeting of cultures. I can’t express how precious this has been for all of our party, as a chance to experience an Islam most westerners never see”. Jilani, April 2015

“It was great being with you all and feeling the connection of hearts. I enjoyed coming together as a group and being led through the dances by Bettina and Glen in their very special and joyful way. I felt very much accepted, loved, looked after and cared for during the dances and also by the great people at la Maison Anglaise. I still benefit from the inner balance and peace I gained that week. Hope to be with you again.” Rahel, Austria

b-band-on-roof-terrace-portrait-mhWith Glen and Bettina it’s always the same warmth, the same feminine & masculine, the same holding. To be with them together is extraordinary.”  Lynn, United Kingdom

“Sharing zikr around the camp-fire in the desert with our Moroccan guides is one of the most memorable experiences of my life… such a good chance to experience life in an open and progressive Muslim country.” Jilani, DUP Leader 

Guests have particularly appreciated meeting, dancing and singing with a local Sufi Women’s group in Taroudant.

Left: Berber Band on our top roof terrace

Book now to avoid disappointment and get the best flight prices.  See our Holiday Calendar here look for our Dancing Holidays in Morocco.

See more about some of our lovely Leaders here; Jilani Cordelia Prescott