Dancing Holidays

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There is a huge choice of places to dance. And we think you might dance for joy when you see the new ecolodge! 

Choose from several on-site locations:

Our 64 square metre (8 m x 8 m) dance room with sprung floor and warm Marmoleum surface

Our 8 m x 14 m roof terrace with stunning views of the town walls and mountains

The spacious terrace in our courtyard or you might even choose to dance 50 metres from the courtyard through the 8 arches that lead to the pool or even around the fountain!

Dounia demonstrates their style of dancing to the rhythms of the Berber Band in the courtyard.

Whilst you are out on excursions we can advise on suitable places including threshing circles which are traditionally used for dance in many cultures.  

Our local musicians like to perform in the courtyard. 

Thanks to their colourful clothes and captivating rhythms, the local Berber, Gnawa, Ahwash and Sufi musicians are quite a spectacle & dancing to them comes naturally despite the often unusual rhythms.

Circle Dance

Common to many cultures, dancing in a circle brings people together to experience the joy of dancing, moving together and creating a sense of well-being and community. 

Added benefits are improved memory and coordination. Anyone can join in and you don’t need a partner. 

There are tempos to suit all tastes; energetic, spirited, reflective and gentle.


Dancing in the Desert
Sufi Musicians celebrating the Berber New Year

Charitable Contributions of Circle Dancers

You can read more about the heart-warming stories of charitable work done by Circle Dancers below:

Jane our founder’s circle dance sustainability story. 

Fundraising for the Moroccan Children’s Trust. 

Embroidery Project with a link to Circle Dance.

Two of our regular circle dance guests, Angela Lockwood and Stephanie Rose, responded to an urgent need for funds to repair the roof of a family’s dwelling in a mountain village that our guests often visit.  Through the circle dance network, they were successful in raising not only the costs of the repairs but also a surplus of £300, which was donated to the embroidery project, which now has a new branch in the village.  This project is part of an ongoing scheme to improve literacy amongst the village women.  One day a week, they meet to learn embroidery skills as a rest from their academic work.

More recently Angela Lockwood and Julie Rising have raised funds for a young woman to receive training in using a sewing machine and have bought her a suitable machine; this has had an enormous impact on the young lady’s confidence and has empowered her enormously. Her sister has picked up the empowerment theme and has the ambitions to become a women’s rights lawyer.

Dances of Universal Peace

Originating in the late 1960s, Dances of Universal Peace is a highly accessible form of dance using simple movements combined with singing or chanting in groups, usually accompanied by acoustic instruments. 

It is a joyful, multi-cultural way to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and to connect with others. The impact can be profound. Our teachers are gifted musicians as well as wonderful souls.

“It has been such a wonderful sharing here, with Said and Rachid teaching us chants and prayers, and also dancing and singing with us. It feels like a really valuable meeting of cultures. I can’t express how precious this has been for all of our party, as a chance to experience an Islam most westerners never see. Sharing zikr around the camp-fire in the desert with our Moroccan guides is one of the most memorable experiences of my life… such a good chance to experience life in an open and progressive Muslim country” Jilani.

Sufi Musicians
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See our Dancing holiday dates below.

Dec 4-11 December 2021
Circle DanceBrochureJudy KingBookLimited places available
February 5 – 12 2022Circle DanceBrochureNawal & DeeBookAvailable
February 12 – 19 2022Circle DanceBrochureAnne-Lise KrygerBookAvailable
February 19 – 26 2022Photography with option to Circle DanceBrochureMike Driscoll

Barbara Driscoll
March 5 – 19 2022Women’s Ritual DanceBrochureLaura ShannonBookAvailable
March 26 – 2 April 2022Dance & YogaBrochureChrisandraBookAvailable
October 29 – 5 November 2022Circle DanceBrochureAdrian & CindyBookAvailable
November 5-12 2022Circle DancePaul BoizotAvailable
November 12 – 19 2022Circle DanceBrochureLilly SellBookAvailable
March 4 – 18 2023Women’s Ritual DanceLaura ShannonBookAvailable
March 18 – 25 2023Circle DanceSally MaxwellTBC
November 4 – 11 2023Circle DanceAnne-Lise KrygerBookAvailable
November 25- December 2 2023Circle DanceBrochureJudy KingAvailable