Sustainable, Responsible Tourism



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A circle dance group and local people enjoy a Gnawa Band

Ethical, Holistic Holidays

We have been pioneers in responsible and sustainable tourism in Morocco since we opened La Maison Anglaise in 1996. After 10 years of showing her commitment clearly in Morocco (and previously in her 25 years in education where sustainability was her favourite theme), Jane was invited to speak at the launch of Morocco’s Responsible Tourism Initiative in 2006.

As a natural extension of these ethics, we have a good understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit which has generated a nurturing holistic approach to entertaining our guests: relaxation, exercise, good food, learning and splendid scenery.  Special Interest group holidays are our speciality.

2005  – selected as one of the Top 10 Vegetarian Holidays in the World by VegeNews 

P1000584-12009 – awarded the Moroccan Responsible Tourism Trophy for Social and Economic Development

greenkeylogo2012 – certified by Green Key.  This is an internationally recognised sustainable management label.  Some of the ways in which we fulfil their responsible tourism criteria are listed below:

  • using solar panels to heat water
  • promoting education on sustainability
  • serving locally produced food made with fresh ingredients
  • putting in place water and electricity conservation
  • supporting a number of appropriate projects
  • holding regular meetings to further our aims

I was aware of your commitment to sustainability: it shines out of your website and even more from yourself. It is one reason for staying with you and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone without mentioning that very early in the conversation (as well as wonderful food and exceptional staff )  Lucy T Sept 2017

2014 – Lonely Planet selected the guest house as one of the Top 10 Ecostays in the World.

The commitment to sustainability shone  through everything planned for us, also it was delightful and so well thought through. The week at La Maison with all the activities was amazing – so varied.  it was a real privilege to be welcomed into Moroccan life and culture. Holly Anderson Nov 2017

I cannot praise the staff there enough for their commitment and dedication to making us feel at home there and sharing their culture with us. Their commitment to sustainability was very apparent and while it was not the reason I originally booked the holiday, it added to my enjoyment and sense of wellbeing while I was there. A Jacob April 2018

Responsible Tourism

How do we implement our beliefs?

Responsible Tourism project - soap makingSupport of a wide variety of community projects. These were instigated by us:

  • 2006  a soap-making project for which we were awarded a Responsible Tourism trophy
  • 2010  our bee keeping project supports not only bee keepers but also habitats and an endangered species of bee.
  • 2014 an embroidery project to support local women and preserve local traditions.

Responsible Tourism Project - Embroidery Other Projects we support:

  • the Orphanage
  • the School for the Blind
  • a project to support street connected children
  • women’s cooperatives including rug-making and argan oil
  • wildlife conservation
  • animal welfare and several more

We have raised money for these projects in a variety of ways including selling our on-line cook book. More details about our aid projects .

Offering award-winning vegetarian and vegan food options at all meals.

waiting calechesPromoting sustainable transport for our clients by making available a wide variety of local excursions:

  • on foot or by horse-drawn taxis
  • when using motorised transport, we try to create small groups to share the vehicle (and experience)
  • offering bicycles for hire

Promoting cross-cultural understanding by providing for our clients:

  • detailed information both before and during their visit to ensure that the maximum cultural insight and enjoyment is gained from the holiday
  • opportunities for genuine connections to develop with local people
  • an awareness of Moroccan open-mindedness: for example you can feel comfortable bringing your own alcohol to the dining table if you wish
  • respect for Moroccan beliefs means we don’t ask the staff to serve alcohol

Said teaches children about energy-saving

Education, particularly of young people, is important to us. The photo shows a workshop for the staff’s nine children at the guest house. Their focus was energy and water conservation.

We hope our visitors will learn from our extensive displays and a well stocked library. They can also learn through the soles of their feet and from the staff.

From 1992, 5 years before the guest house project began, Jane was involved in research in Morocco.  She lectured both in the UK and Morocco about sustainability and wildlife conservation.

STOP PRESS! Our New Garden Ecolodge

We are building an innovative 12 bedroomed property to highly environmental standards which is making excellent progress and expect to be open before the end of 2019. Jane has wanted to built in earth since she first conceived the project in 1996. Eventually in 2004 she found a suitable 1 acre plot of land in a fabulous location immediately adjacent to Taroudant’s historic town walls, as well as remarkably close to the souk. Her dream came true in autumn 2018 when permission to build was finally granted. To learn more about progress follow our pages here

Your Carbon Footprint

The Dilemma if you Fly

Even a short flight from Gatwick to Agadir releases 0.78 tonne of carbon emissions per passenger, which is a 10th of the average person’s annual carbon footprint in the UK?! You can compensate for these emissions through carbon offsetting, which neutralises your emissions with a comparable reduction elsewhere (see more below).

Some Solutions

Offset your flights (to neutralise your Carbon Footprint) by donating enough to offset 0.82 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (cost from £5) generated by your flights to a chosen project on  this web site or those managed by Cool Earth or Rainforest Concern.

Travel overland to reduce emissions. The Moroccan government is committed to sustainability and opened Africa’s first high speed railway link between Tangier & Casablanca in March. This cuts almost 4 hours off the journey, cutting it to 2 hours and 15 mins. Excellent information about overland travel is available here.

Choose Airlines with Efficient Aircraft Ryanair, now claiming to be Europe’s greenest airline, (March 2018) offers offsetting, and their latest Environmental Policy will build on achievements to date, including commitments to address climate change such as investing billions in the newest, most fuel-efficient aircraft and committing to eliminate all non-recyclable plastics within 5 years.

Fly Direct Indirect flights are fuel inefficient because take off & landing use much more fuel.

Vegetarian Diets to reduce your carbon footprint Globally, animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all the world’s transportation systems combined. We offer vegetarian food by default with meat and fish available at a surcharge. Our meal prices had not risen for many years so in 2019 we decided that we would leave vegetarian meals, chicken & fish meals  unchanged (20 MAD about £1.60 surcharge for chicken or fish) and make an additional surcharge of 10 MAD (about 80 pence) for lamb and 20 MAD (about £1.60) for beef in proportion to the environmental damage that production of these meats causes.