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Following the success of the Atlas Lions in the 2022 World Cup, many people were touched by Moroccan people’s heartful way of being and as a result there 35 new flights being added in summer 2023 and EasyJet (our preferred airline) intends to double the number of seats to Morocco from 2023 until 2028.

Short direct flights to Morocco are available all year round from several UK airports and from various cities in Europe. 

Agadir is the closest airport to Taroudant (50 minutes’ drive along a good and fairly quiet road). An alternative is to fly to Marrakech, with a choice of 2 options:  3.25 hours on the new motorway or 5 hours over the spectacular Tiz n Test Pass, said to be the most scenic in Morocco and Michael Palin’s favourite trip ever!

We strongly advise travelling to Agadir rather than Marrakech if possible – it is a small efficient airport with a good quiet road link to Taroudant.

It is always helpful to seek advice from us about the best flights to Morocco because we understand how to produce the best itinerary, bearing in mind a variety of factors including: flight timings, luggage allowances, days that flights operate, when the flights are released, pattern of pricing  (varies depending on when you book, dates, days, the airports and airlines), as well as flying into one airport and home from another.

If you are taking part in one of our group holidays, we liaise with your group leader to decide on the best flight option for the group, and send you the relevant information plus a link to the airline’s website when the flights are released and/or the group has recruited sufficient people to make the holiday viable.  On the other hand you are free to choose to use different flights. Nonetheless we offer to transport you to and from the airport, but it is likely to be more costly.

General Advice for Booking Flights

We advise that you always make flight bookings via the airline’s own website (e.g. because flight availability is always accurate, prices should be the lowest at the given time and the booking is easy to manage.

The flights that we recommend are all direct (saving fuel and your time!) and at reasonable prices, ranging from £20 (if you book early at non-peak times) to around £100 each way. For non-peak dates you will usually pay under £100 for return flights including hand luggage. Because hand baggage allowances are generous with Easyjet you may not need to pay for a hold bag or could share with a friend.

Use the Airline’s Own Website

We advise that you always make flight bookings via the airline’s own website (e.g. because flight availability is always accurate and prices should be the lowest at the given time. To avoid being directed to sites selling flights on a commission basis, you MUST type in the full airline website address into your browser. Sites such as Skyscanner and Expedia extract information from many websites, but this is unreliable because they do not show a comprehensive list of direct flights, show many indirect flights at much higher prices or claim that a particular flight is full, when it may be available via the airline’s website.  Also it is very difficult to change your flight booking whereas the airline’s web sites are easy to use. Photo: flying over the High Atlas


Please note that schedules are changing regularly so this information serves as a guideline only (latest update October 2023). Airlines which serve our nearest airport (Agadir – under an hour away) in Morocco are:


EasyJet London Gatwick to Agadir : most days
Manchester to Agadir. early November – late March always. May be other times.
London Luton to Agadir: 2 or 3 days a week.
Glasgow to Agadir.  Winter only: 1 or 2 days a week. 

RyanAir Manchester to Agadir : usually all year round 4 days a week.
London Stansted to Agadir: usually all year round 4 days a week.

BA London Gatwick to Agadir: Wednesdays & Saturdays from late March 2024

WizzAir London Gatwick to Agadir: 4 days a week but not usually on the day our holidays begin.

Jet2 As part of an ambitious 5-year plan, Jet2, now the UK’s biggest tour operator, will offer 17 direct air connections per week from several British hubs to Agadir & Marrakech from October 2024. These include Agadir to Bristol, London Stansted, Leeds-Bradford & Birmingham. The days of travel are Thursday & Sunday which can be useful if you wish to extend your stay (most of our holidays start on Wednesdays)


EasyJet  London Gatwick to Marrakech : Daily (sometimes twice a day)
London Luton to Marrakech :  usually 2-6 flights a week

RyanAir London Stansted to Marrakech : Daily (sometimes twice a day)

EasyJet and Ryanair Manchester to Marrakech 3-5 days a week

WizzAir  London Gatwick to Marrakech: daily

British Airways London Gatwick to Marrakech daily

Jet2  offer flights from several regional airports in the UK 

TUI Often outrageously expensive (including a very small hand baggage allowance) and often include schedules at the worst times (eg arriving back at 3.30am) Manchester to Agadir; Bristol to Marrakech.


Essaouira is lovely coastal fortified town with traditional fishing port which you might want to explore possibly after your holiday with us.

Ryanair flies twice a week from London Stansted

Royal Air Maroc
London Heathrow or Gatwick to Casablanca: direct daily flights with connections to all major Moroccan cities including Agadir.

If you want to fly to Marrakech, please be aware that the road trip takes 3 and a half hours by private taxi and quite a lot longer by public transport. The new motorway is a huge improvement.




There are many flights to both Agadir and Marrakech.

Many airlines offering direct flights usually 2 or more times a week from several cities to Agadir & Marrakech including Easyjet, Ryanair, Veulig, Air Berlin and Condor.  Transavia offer a few flights.

Royal Air Maroc offers indirect flights daily from many European cities via Casablanca to Agadir and several other Moroccan airports. It’s best to fly direct if you can: see list below.


Direct Flights to Agadir usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and often on Saturdays and possibly other days from the following:

France: from Paris Orly with Transavia (twice a day) or TUI; on Saturdays from Nice with EasyJet and Lyon with Transavia, Toulouse with Air Arabia; more cities with EasyJet: Lyon, Paris, Nantes, Toulouse – also fly to Essaouira.

Germany: from Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin & Dusseldorf with Condor;  Hanover with TUI and Leipzig with Sun Express, from Cologne with Air Arabia (departs Mon; arrives early hours Tue); from Berlin on Wed & Sat with EasyJet

The Netherlands: from Amsterdam with Transavia and EasyJet 

Switzerland: from Zurich with Germania; from Geneva or Basle with EasyJet

Bulgaria: from Sofia with Balkan Holidays

Italy: from Milan with EasyJet 

Hungary: from Budapest with Wizzair

Denmark: from Copenhagen 


There is now a vast choice of routes.


Usually the cheapest and easiest way is to fly to London (or Manchester) and then connect with the flights to Agadir. If you are part of a group you can join the others on the flight travelling to Agadir and join the airport transfer we have arranged for them. Please consider at least one overnight stay in the UK if connections are tight.

In 2024 direct flights from New York (Newark) and Montreal to Marrakech have been introduced. Note that we are 3.5 hours trip by road from Marrakech, so Agadir flights are much better.

Finally if you are interested in overland travel please scroll to the bottom of our responsible tourism page

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