Flights to Morocco

Your Carbon Footprint


Even a short flight from Gatwick to Agadir releases 0.78 tonne of carbon emissions per passenger, which is a 10th of the average person’s annual carbon footprint in the UK?! You can compensate for these emissions through carbon offsetting, which neutralises your emissions with a comparable reduction elsewhere.


If you choose to fly we encourage you to offset your flights (to neutralise your Carbon Footprint) by donating enough to offset 0.82 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (cost from £5) generated by your flights to re-forestation near the equator, with our chosen charity CarbonLink (see below).

These are the reasons why we recommend this option; –

DONATIONS FOR THE REFORESTATION NEAR THE EQUATOR. A team of Swiss scientists claim that reforestation is overwhelmingly more powerful then other solutions(2019). We have been researching an effective, efficient and easy to support community based solution to support our planet and inhabitants. Here’s why we chose a project in Kenya and how you can support it through us.

  • Tree planting near the equator where it has the maximum benefit as a corbon sink.
  • Planting of species that take up high levels of carbon dioxide and provide profitable crops for farmers e.g. neem, cashew nuts & Mango.
  • An award winning charitable project with a proven track recordrun by a forester who we know and has strong and heart-felt links between Wales & the local community (much as we do in Morocco). We have donated £1000 ourselves already.
  • If you donate through us 100% of the funds will go directly to the project (rather than 50% if it passes through other online organisations) and this will benefit some of the 1000 farmers immediately.

If you wish to please add your donation to your deposit when you make your payment and we will pass it on.

We also recommend Cool Earth and Rainforest Concern


Or you might choose to travel overland to reduce emissions. The Moroccan government is committed to sustainability and opened Africa’s first high speed railway link between Tangier & Casablanca in March. This cuts almost 4 hours off the journey, cutting it to 2 hours and 15 mins. Excellent information about overland travel is available here.

Since late 2019 Easyjet has introduced an impressive offsetting programme & many other measures which made them the best in Europe in January 2020. Ryanair, who claimed to be Europe’s greenest airline in March 2018, offers offsetting, and their latest Environmental Policy will build on achievements to date, including commitments to address climate change such as investing billions in the newest, most fuel-efficient aircraft and committing to eliminate all non-recyclable plastics within 5 years.


Flights to Morocco 

Flights to Morocco are available all year round from several UK airports and from various cities in Europe. Here are some suggestions for overnight accommodation near UK airports.

Agadir is the closest airport to Taroudant (50 minutes’ drive along a good and fairly quiet road), the small authentic Moroccan market town where our guest house, La Maison Anglaise is situated.  An alternative is to fly to Marrakech, with a choice of 2 options:  3.25 hours on the new motorway or 5 hours over the spectacular Tiz n Test Pass, reputed to be the most scenic in Morocco. We strongly advise travelling to Agadir rather than Marrakech if possible – it is a small efficient airport with a good quiet road link to Taroudant.

It is always helpful to seek advice from us about the best flights to Morocco because we understand how to make the best itinerary, bearing in mind a variety of factors including: flight timings, luggage allowances, days that flights operate, when the flights are released, pattern of pricing  (varies depending on when you book, dates, days, the airports and airlines), as well as flying into one airport and home from another.

If you are taking part in one of our group holidays, we liaise with your group leader to decide on the best flight option for the group, and send you the relevant information plus a link to the airline’s website when the flights are released and/or the group has recruited sufficient people to make the holiday viable.

General Advice re Booking Flights  

We advise that you always make flight bookings via the airline’s own website (e.g. or because flight availability is always accurate, and prices should be the lowest you can obtain.

The flights that we recommend are all direct and at reasonable prices, ranging from £65 return to around £200 (if you book early for the limited peak times of year). Most of our clients pay under £100 for flights + hand luggage.

Use the Airline’s own Website!  

To avoid being directed to sites selling flights on a commission basis, you MUST type in the full airline website address into your browser e.g.

Sites such as Skyscanner, Expedia, Ebookers, Cheapflights which are known as ‘screen scrapers’ extract information from many websites, but this is unreliable in the extreme: they do not show a comprehensive list of direct flights, show many indirect flights at much higher prices or claim that a particular flight is full, when it is available via the airline’s website.  Another disadvantage of using these agency sites is that it is very difficult to change your flight booking, should the need arise.

Interested in booking one of our holidays?

Flights to Morocco from Britain

Airlines which serve our nearest airports in Morocco are:

London Gatwick to Agadir (usually Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday now) and London Gatwick to Marrakech (daily)

Manchester to Marrakech (Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday)

Manchester to Agadir (Saturday & Wednesday)

London Luton to Essaouira (Tuesday & Saturday – don’t run for whole season)

Air Arabia
Manchester to Agadir (Thursday & Sunday) with better timings on Thursday
Dublin to Agadir (usually November to April only)

British Airways
Gatwick to Marrakech

Manchester to Agadir (Tuesdays & Saturdays)

London Stansted to Agadir (Tuesdays & Saturdays)

London Stansted to Marrakech (Saturdays & Sundays)

Liverpool to Marrakech (Mondays & Fridays)

Often outrageously expensive (including a very small hand baggage allowance) and often include schedules at the worst times (eg arriving back at 3.30am) Manchester to Agadir; Bristol to Marrakech.

Royal Air Maroc
London Heathrow to Casablanca: direct flights to Casablanca with connections to all major Moroccan cities including Agadir.

From European cities not in Britain

There are many flights to both Agadir and Marrakech.


There are many airlines offering direct flights usually 2 or more times a week from several cities to Agadir & Marrakech including Easyjet, Ryanair, Veulig , Air Berlin and Condor.  Transavia and  Thomas Cook Airlines offer a few flights.
Royal Air Maroc offers indirect flights daily from many European cities via Casablanca to Agadir and several other Moroccan airports.  It’s best to fly direct if you can: see list below.

Direct Flights to Agadir usually on TUESDAYS and often on Saturdays and possibly other days from the following:

France: from Paris Orly with Transavia (twice a day) or TUI; on Saturdays from Nice with Easyjet and Lyon with Transavia, Toulouse with Air Arabia; more cities withEasyjet: Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse.
  from Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin & Dusseldorf with Condor;  Hanover with TUI and Leipzig with Sun Express, from Cologne with Air Arabia (departs Mon; arrives early hours Tue); from Berlin on Wed & Sat with Easyjet
The Netherlands:
  from Amsterdam with Transavia and Easyjet (Saturdays)
 from Zurich with GermaniaBulgaria:  from Sofia with Balkan Holidays
 from Milan with Easyet (Tuuesdays & Saturdays)
from Budapest with Wizzair
Denmark: from Copenhagen with Norwegian (Saturdays)
Belgium:  from  Brussels Charleroi with Ryanair (Mon, Wed, Fri) or Thomas Cook airlines

Other flights to Morocco

Norwegian offer flights to  Marrakech (and occasionally to Agadir) from various European cities & countries including  Athens, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Croatia, Sicily, Crete and Scandanavia.

France: Easyjet offers Toulouse to Marrakech; Lyon to Essaouira with Easyjet (Tues & Sat);

Spain: flights to Marrakech with Ryanair including Seville to Marrakech and Vuelig  including Barcelona to Marrakech


From North America

Invariably, the cheapest and easiest way is to fly to London or Manchester and then connect with the flights above. The latest popular budget airline offering service to London Gatwick is Norwegian Airlines. Then you can join the Easyjet flight London Gatwick to Agadir (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) or, if you plan to visit  Marrakech too, the London Gatwick to Marrakech (daily).

Prefer not to fly?

If you’ve got time to spare, it is possible to make the trip to Morocco overland (with a short ferry trip!).  See Seat 61

Airport meet and greet

Our own excellent safe, friendly drivers and their comfortable, well maintained vehicles make your arrival stress-free. Read about them here.

Here are some recent reviews from our clients which reflect the spirit of Rachid and Said and their dedication to our clients’ enjoyment and well-being.


La Maison Anglaise is a very special place. And the desert trip was out of this world!!!The drivers Said and Rachid made it even more special. They really tuned in with us, and I felt very touched by that…..respecting each other and having a fun time. I learned so much about the people and the land from them and also from your team in the house. They all, you included, have such a generous spirit. Sabine G, April 2015

The drivers were really awesome and informative Sarah M, April 2015 

I can’t praise Rachid enough. A good driver, tolerant of my endless photos and questions, and taking me through the very best routes and treks. C Prior, February 2015

It has been such a wonderful sharing here, with Said and Rachid …….. It feels like a really valuable meeting of cultures. I can’t express how precious this has been for all of our party, as a chance to experience an Islam most westerners never see. Cordelia P, April 2015

We forgot to mention “little” Said, the driver! We so appreciated his easy going, flexibility, reliability, sincerity. He drove well and we felt secure; he took care of our different needs, be it stopping every few metres for photographs, toilet breaks, picking lavender, finding the best place to sit in the cafe, explaining and pointing out things, letting us decide between options, giving space for silence or sharing his (and then our) favourite Arabic- Berber-African music with us. Bettina, April 2016

It was wonderful to have the pre trip information about the ethical dimensions of trip but also about arrival at the airport especially about where to exchange currency as we got a much better dealA Wyatt, May 2018