Fabulous Food

Salad with hummus

Guests at La Maison Anglaise Ecolodge love our cuisine – tasty, healthy, colourful, varied and beautifully presented Moroccan food with imaginative touches.

We believe that we are what we eat and expect that you, like many others, will leave us feeling very well nourished (and not just by food).

Firstly the high quality is thanks to the fresh ingredients, some from our own gardens. If you wish you can learn how to bake in our traditional earth oven and make local sourdough  barley bread.

Secondly we are so lucky to have such a wide range of amazing ingredients available locally. These include a bountiful supply of sun-infused fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, oils, freshly-ground spices, fish and meat from the mountains, the irrigated valleys and the Atlantic Ocean. The region is famous for its olives, argan oil, almonds, saffron, citrus fruit, fish and walnuts.

And last but not least, the skill of our amazing chefs is paramount. They always make meals a visual feast too!

Sourcing of foods from local producers is part of our ethical policy.

And it must be fresh too! We don’t serve fish on Sundays or red meat on Mondays because they are not fresh on those days. 

Special diets – our speciality: we are knowledgeable about vegetarian, vegan, wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free or nut-free diets. 


Food was also fantastic and so healthy. Marja M

We dined at Gazelle D’Or (an exclusive nearby hotel) and it doesn’t come close to La Maison. Bidwells

The food was the best vegetarian food I have ever tasted, though it was, of course, not limited to vegetarian food, with beef, lamb, chicken and fish being also availableG Rosser

Throughout the trip, my family kept comparing the level of service and care, the decor and cleanliness, and absolutely the quality of freshly prepared traditional Moroccan food with every one of the other 5 riads/guest houses at which they stayed. La Maison Anglaise is bar none. Sarah Sibley

All the meals were wonderful. It was so nice to be asked each day what we wanted.  All dietary needs were catered for and asked about and never once were we made to feel it was awkward.  A Wyatt.

Taroudant is famous for its olives
Hibiscus flowers abound in our gardens

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