La Maison Anglaise functions as a house; not a hotel.  All the rooms have different layouts and vary considerably due to their positions within the house.  This variety of rooms and floors makes the house interesting compared with the uniformity of modern hotel rooms and gives us an opportunity to allocate rooms according to clients’ needs.  In that sense, it is like sharing a holiday home with a group of friends.

If you have a special need please let us know so we can try to accommodate you when making room allocations.

All rooms have advantages and disadvantages which will be perceived differently by each guest.  They may vary in size; some are en suite, others have shared bathrooms which are within a few paces of the rooms (in which case we supply bathrobes); locations are convenient for either kitchen, roof terrace or dining and activity areas; some are naturally warmer or cooler at different seasons; windows may face the interior or exterior of the house.  The latter is typical of Moroccan homes, where windows are placed to face inwards (where they still receive light and ventilation and are more private) rather than the outside world.

For example, on the top floor, there is a double room which is smaller, but with the advantage of having an en suite and being beside the roof terrace but some people might like it less because the window is to the interior and it is a long haul up the stairs.   Another room has an interior window which allows aromas from the kitchen to waft in as a gentle wake-up call or an unwelcome appetite stimulus, depending on which way it is viewed (or smelled?)!

We don’t resort to drawing straws, but as a general rule, rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We also have to bear in mind the gender of those sharing bathrooms! However, we try to be flexible once you arrive if some room changes are requested.

Single Occupancy We make a surcharge for rooms occupied by one person. Our charges are less than in many establishments in Morocco; most charge per room so the bill for B&B for one person is the same as two persons sharing the room!