Coronavirus Updates

Covid-19 in Morocco Update: 1 August 2020.

OUR CARE We would like to reassure you that we will take the utmost care of both our guests and are staff (as those who have visited before know this is what we always do), but of course now there must be some extra measures in place.

THE SITUATION IN MOROCCO Morocco has a very low rate of infection and an early small peak, with no Covid-19 in the south (including our area) for some time. There is widespread testing in place – even every taxi driver was tested before returning to work in our town where we had only had 3 cases in 4 months!
Sorry the graph on the left is hard to read – I have chosen a few countries for comparison it shows cumulative numbers and the contrast between cases per million over time for Morocco & Greece (both with almost flat curves); that France, then UK then Spain are in the middle range now whereas the USA is very high.
Although travellers returning to the UK from the whole of in Africa except their islands are currently required to quarantine when they get home, we expect the situation to change soon because the outbreak has been so well controlled.  In fact we are rather glad that this will discourage visitors in the short term to ensure Morocco is “clean of Covid-19”. The Moroccan Government have said that Moroccans should holiday in their own country in July & August.

SUNLIGHT & WARMTH A study published in late June shows that strong sunlight is capable of wiping out 90 percent or more of coronavirus living on surfaces in just 34 minutes – we have enough of that in Taroudant (the warmest in Morocco in the winter) as proven by the tortoises who don’t need to hibernate here because they can get enough energy from the sun. Besides a study published in the August 2020 edition of The Lancet a researcher reports that, in real life situations, he found “no viable SARS-CoV-2 detected on surfaces.”

When international tourism in Morocco opens again (probably in early September because it is primarily a Sept-May destination & flights will be viable then), the authorities have put in place measures to ensure that tourists can travel safely. The airports have already been set up with hygiene and control systems. Since anyone travelling there will be at far lower risk than those currently travelling to many European countries, we are fairly confident that the 14 day quarantine on return to the UK won’t be in place.
By law tourist accommodation will not be allowed to reopen until they have put into place hygiene measures which are subject to control and monitoring.

Morocco, with a population of 36 million, had only 214 deaths by the 22 June. Morocco’s use of hydroxychloroquine has resulted in only a 2.1% fatality rate in those admitted to hospital. Professor Zemmouri, a Moroccan scientist, believes that 78% of Europe’s COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if Europe had used hydroxychloroquine (an inexpensive drug with a long safety record); it must, however, be administered early in the course of the disease, unlike in some of the unsuccessful trails. They have been widely praised for their handling of the disease and are now donating substantial quantities of supplies for Covid-19 to several African countries, although Africa is the continent with the lowest rates of infection.

Your Safety at Our Ecolodge

The design of our ecolodge, our exceptional staff and measures  taken will, we believe, reassure you:

Private terrace for each room plus 3 large outdoor paved areas (360 sq m) courtyard, terraces by pool and on roof
Very good ventilation through doors, windows and ventilation chimneys (at least 3 doors & windows in large communal rooms)
57 square metre pool for guests only; silver/copper disinfection more effective than chlorine as well as being environmentally-friendly
Social distancing – floors marked at 1.5 m; wide walkways in the open air to  single storey rooms
Hygienic granite & marble worktops. Regular and thorough cleaning & good handwashing facilities
Design and materials maintain comfortable temperatures whilst ventilated: thick earth walls keep warm in winter or cool in summer
Half hectare plot – plenty of space to socially distance
Transfer in our own vehicle(s) from an airy, small, efficient airport
Regular temperature checks of staff and guests using remote laser device
Monitored careful daily cleaning and laundering including sanitising high traffic surfaces
Liquid soap for handwashing in en suite bathrooms plus 4 public toilets
Buffets for serving food  are discontinued
Kitchen: 17 metres long with 6 sinks designated for handwashing, fruit & vegetables, meat, fish, dishwashing & rinsing dishes. All set in 27 metres of granite worktops
Signs for you to request not to have cleaner enter your room during your stay if you prefer, but instead just collect rubbish and dirty linen outside the door
Toilets are in a separate cubicle from washbasins. We have sign on all toilets to remind guests to close the lid before flushing to prevent the spread of germs
We have recently made some beautiful pigeonholes in the communal area for guests from each room to keep their small possesions in (eg keys, papers, phones, serviettes)
Contactless payments
We are offering reflexology as well as/instead of massage because greater distancing can be implemented
Our very special staff have been carefully trained in new procedures

In case you would like to know my thoughts about keeping healthy please go to this “Keeping Healthy” page