Hammam Hints

What to take

  • A towel
  • A spare pair of underpants. One pair to wear in the hammam & a dry pair to put on afterwards. Please note that it is preferable that these are dark-coloured if you are using henna, since it can stain
  • Warm clothes to put on when you leave
  • Soap & shampoo if you wish, but the Moroccan alternatives are worth experiencing (see below)
  • Ideally a mitt for exfoliation of dead skin- we can provide these.

What to expect

You’ll never feel cleaner than after this! It is a communal steam bath, composed of several rooms of various temperatures.
The basic tools are buckets of hot/warm/cool water, soft soap (made from olive oil), rhassoul mud (excellent for removing dirt & grease from the skin & hair, a product unique to Morocco used in many spas worldwide these days), a scourer for the feet and a mitt used to remove dead skin from all other parts of the body.

It is also very much a social experience, particularly for women, for whom it is a rare escape from household chores.

Please take care! The floor may be slippery from all the soap & rhassoul mud.

Optional extras

You can either pay for these or take them as part of your cultural experiences;-

  • Henna-ing your hair. Henna powder, made from the leaves of a locally grown shrub, is a wonderful conditioner for the hair (& skin). It also colours the hair, but this can be very subtle if less lemon juice is added & if the paste is not left on for long.
  • Massage. An invigorating experience if taken in the hammam. This usually lasts for about 15 minutes. Please be aware that Moroccan hammam massage can be quite strenuous & that you will be lying on a thin mat on a hard floor. You must let us know of any injuries that may be aggravated by the massage injuries that are incurred. If you wish to book a massage, please sign in the book that is kept in the office to say that you have read this paragraph. Most of you are likely to prefer a massage on a massage table in the comfort of a room at the Ecolodge.