Local Staff

Latifa – Manageress, Liguist

Speaks excellent English, Berber, Arabic (she has a degree in English & Arabic) & French. She organizes everything for you. Please ask her for anything that you’d like, even if not listed. She teaches Berber as a translator for eminent anthropologists doing research into Berber culture.

Said – Chief Guide, construction expert on the Ecolodge

Speaks excellent English, Berber, Arabic, French and a little Spanish. He s a specialist in wildlife (especially birds & botany), matters of the countryside and much more. He has a degree in Biology & Geology. Said & Latifa are married.

Nourdine – Maintenance, Dining room & Guide

Speaks English and French very well and Arabic.
A waiter and assistant in many other ways including caleche rides, walks and shopping trips.

Fatima – Cook, Housekeeper & Dancer

Speaks Arabic, Berber and only understands a little “kitchen” English. A great enthusiast for Moroccan music & dance.

“Little Latifa” – Cook, Housekeeper & Dancer

Speaks very good French, Arabic and “cookery, massage and hammam English”. A fine cook and a trained pastry cook. A great enthusiast of Moroccan music & dance.

Souad – Cook, Housekeeper

Speaks Arabic and a little French. Loves finding new recipes.

Youssef – Site & Pool Maintenance, Night Guardian

Speaks French well, a little English, Berber and Arabic. He comes from a village near Taroudant. Shares night guardian duties.

Rachid – Head of Transport, Vehicle Maintenance, Assistant Guide, Night Guardian

Speaks English and French quite well, as well as Berber and Arabic. Knowledgeable guide who is in charge of tours away from Taroudant. He loves music, singing and dancing. Shares night guardian duties.