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Local Transport

In town

You’re likely to walk to most places in town. You can use the map and instructions supplied. If use local public transport to get back here, ask to be delivered to La Maison Anglaise Ecolodge, near Bab Benyara. It is easy to pick up at places such as the main squares in town where you might emerge from the souks with heavy shopping! 

1) Caleche (horse and carriage) –  the more sustainable way (fuelled by alfalfa and other greens. The horse dung is caught and recycled on the land). Most horses are well cared for – we suggest you avoid using any that appear not to be. Cost about 20 MAD for a journey from, for example, the souk to our Ecolodge – seats 4 or 5.

2) Petit taxis (small taxis- the only ones allowed inside the town walls)– Cost about 8 MAD by day -12 MAD at night – seats 3.

Travelling to other towns

1) Public “grand” taxis (large Mercedes type)

  • have fixed routes – from one major town to another (beware- they will deliver you to places far from your accommodation in Marrakech Medina!) and rarely stop en route
  • depart from a taxi rank often outside the town walls – these seat 5-6 passengers. You have to locate the ones going to the town you want amongst dozens of waiting taxis
  • may not have seat belts
  • have drivers who are unlikely to speak English and often speak very little French either
  • leave once 6 passengers have arrived to fill the taxi (which can be a squash, but you can buy extra seats if you want to)

2) Buses – you must pre-purchase tickets from the bus companies, usually including mostly just inside Bab Zorgane but some are in the town centre (between the Grand Mosque & Place Talmoklate)

3) Private taxis (almost always with our own drivers or at least suppliers we have known and trusted for many years)

  • offer you a “door to door” service; they pick you up from and deliver you to your accommodation or a meeting point with staff from the accommodation or airport
  • have seat belts and will be well maintained, better quality vehicles (by law Tourist Transport has 2 tests every year to confirm the vehicle is in safe condition)
  • pick you up at an agreed time and will stop on request for a picnic, to shop or to visit sites of interest
  • have drivers who speak English or/and French and may be able to act as guides as well  

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