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Our Founder Jane explains the Unusual Story of Our Project

It’s all about Ps: Passion, Pioneers with a Purpose, Perseverance, Pleasure, our Promise and ends with a Poem – for fun! If you prefer to read the script you may do so here.

Ethical, Holistic Holidays and Responsible Tourism

We have been pioneers in responsible and sustainable tourism in Morocco since we opened in 1997. In recognition of our contribution our founder Jane was invited to speak at the launch of Morocco’s Responsible Tourism Initiative in 2006. You can read the full story of our sustainable and responsible tourism achievements here. Or you can read the short version below. 

We have a nurturing, holistic approach to entertaining our guests. This has developed out of our ethics since we understand the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Relaxation, exercise, nutritious food, good company, learning and splendid scenery are all on the menu.

A truly special place, we all returned from La Maison Anglaise, Refreshed, Relaxed & Renewed.  I look forward to returning. Trip Advisor Review

The staff you have over there, without exception, are very special and lovely people. I had the feeling at times that I was not in simply a guest-house, rather a spiritual community – such was the gentleness, willingness and friendliness of all of them. Warmly informal and very effective, and such a great sense of humour!  A Mullis

We have received a number of prestigious awards in recognition of our work.

2005 – selected as one of the Top 10 Vegetarian Holidays in the World by VegeNews

2009 – awarded the Moroccan Responsible Tourism Trophy for Social and Economic Development

2012 – certified by Green Key, an internationally recognised sustainable management label.  Some of the ways in which we fulfil their responsible tourism criteria are listed below: energy conservation (our new build is exceptional in this respect); promoting education on sustainability; serving locally produced food made with fresh ingredients; putting in place water and electricity conservation;
supporting a number of appropriate projects;
holding regular meetings to further our aims.

2014 – Lonely Planet selected the guest house as one of the Top 10 Ecostays in the World.

Annually: Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice award for La Maison Anglaise Garden Ecolodge


We implement our beliefs by:

1) Helping our guests to consider new more sustainable ways to live and to learn from the remarkable local culture and environment is important to us.

From 1992, 5 years before the guest house project began, Jane was involved in research in Morocco and it is her enthusiasm for and concerns about environmental issues that has shaped the evolution of the project, culminating in the remarkable ecolodge.  She lectured both in the UK and Morocco on these issues for 25 years.

We hope our visitors will learn and are inspired by our ecolodge’s credentials, the extensive information sheets and a well-stocked library, and especially through the soles of their feet and from the informative educated staff, as well as from our newsletters.

By offering award-winning vegetarian and vegan food options at all meals, some meat-eaters reduce or eliminate meat from the diets.

2)  Fundraising for, support and creation of a wide variety of charitable projects.

These projects were instigated by us:

  • 2006 a soap-making project for which we were awarded a Responsible Tourism trophy
  • 2010 our bee keeping project supports not only bee keepers but also habitats and an endangered species of bee.
  • 2014 an embroidery project to support local women and preserve local traditions.

Other Projects we support:

  • the Orphanage
  • the School for the Blind
  • an inspiring project to support street connected children, the Moroccan Children’s Trust
  • women’s cooperatives including argan oil
  • wildlife conservation
  • animal welfare
  • afforestation and more

We have provided expertise and raised money for these projects in a variety of ways, including selling our on-line cookbook and the profits from cards we produce. 

3) Promoting cross-cultural understanding by providing

  • detailed information both before and during their visit to ensure that the maximum cultural insight and enjoyment is gained from the holiday
  • opportunities for genuine connections to develop with local people
    an awareness of Moroccan open-mindedness: for example, you can feel comfortable bringing your own alcohol to the dining table if you wish
  • respect for Moroccan beliefs means we don’t ask the staff to serve alcohol (though you are most welcome to bring your own)

4) Promoting sustainable transport for our clients.

  • Many of our local excursions are on foot or by horse-drawn taxis
  • When using motorised transport, we try to create  groups to share the vehicle (and experience)
  • We help clients who would like to travel overland by public transport
  • We offer bicycles for hire and we support Pikala, an organisation which promotes bicycle education and employment.

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