Safety in Morocco

Jillian York, a travel writer and journalist specializing in North African and Middle Eastern Studies said in her book Culture Smart Morocco (2018): “Morocco was the first country to recognize the fledgling United States in 1777 and has enjoyed close ties with the USA ever since. King Mohammed VI supports the global “war on terror”, which in some circles is quite controversial for a Muslim King…Morocco enjoys perhaps the best relations of any Muslim country with the West.”

World Economic Forum – In October 2019 Morocco ranked 28th in the World in terms of safety and security for tourists. It may surprise you to know that Morocco is much higher ranked than Germany (41st), the United Kingdom (45th), and France (51st).


When one remembers that Morocco is just over 3 times larger than Great Britain the threat is diminished even further. In addition bear in mind that La Maison Anglaise is in Taroudant, a small market town (of a similar size to Scarborough or Wrexham), away from the main centres of population and political activity; that our local airport at Agadir is a small well-managed airport and the only one I know where bags are security checked at the entrance. In addition, bear in mind that you will be visiting – almost without exception – places where very few – if any – tourists set foot. 


The following statistics put things into perspective –showing that the UK is more dangerous than Morocco:

“Over the last 21 years terrorism in Morocco has resulted in a total of 52 innocent deaths of which less than half were foreign nationals. During this same period Moroccan Government statistics suggest that the country welcomed over 40 million visitors. By (huge) contrast, over the same period in the UK … 140 died and many hundreds were injured in terrorist incidents.

As for targeted political murders or kidnappings despite the FCO advice, not one single foreign national that I know of in the last 20 years has ever been kidnapped, or murdered, in a terrorist motivated crime in Morocco. I think the last time a British national was kidnapped in Morocco was in 1903 when the Times correspondent Walter Harris was held hostage by for 3 weeks before being released unharmed.” British Ambassador of Marrakech, Alan Keohane (an ex-pat who has lived in Marrakech for many years) May 2011 


I hope you might find the above both interesting & reassuring. You will also see from the world map produced for insurance companies shown that Morocco is rated as low risk and that no other Muslim countries appear to be in this category nor any less developed countries.


The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office provide travel advice and regular updates.

Health issues must also be considered and we thus require our guests to buy a suitable medical insurance (usually covered by a “European” policy). In our region there are very good healthcare facilities in nearby Agadir as well as a local hospital in Taroudant which has served us well for more minor incidents.

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