Singing Holidays

Singing Tutor Pauline Down

So many people love to sing but think they don’t have the vocal or musical skills to join a choir. Yet thanks to our sensitive tutors joining a group of singers is now a choice open to all. 

Natural Voice practitioners believe that you should celebrate the voice you have rather than training it to fit into a particular genre of music. Nobody is asked to audition or to learn to read music; the group leader is adept at helping you to learn by ear.

It is accessible, inclusive and exciting. Within a short time, you can participate in a group sound which energises and uplifts. Music is chosen from many cultures so that there is something to appeal to everyone.

I have been singing to the recordings I made during our trip to ease the integration into normal life. However, I feel life may never be normal again after my amazing experiences in Morocco. I would like to thank every one of you for your friendship and camaraderie during our trip…. The sounds we created under Pauline’s expert guidance and tuition will last in my memory forever as a reminder of the most humbling yet fascinating holiday.”

Singing without instrumental accompaniment (known as Acapella) means that you can sing anywhere and everywhere. Community choirs are now a strong feature across the UK, bringing people together to share their natural voices, to socialise and have fun.

Once you get a taste for it, one of our singing holidays in Morocco will give you the chance to travel with members of your local group or to meet a new crowd of people. As a result of the experience bonds will deepen.

And if you are looking for Singles holidays, think Singing Singles.

“I really liked la Maison Anglaise and it was great to see it in action. The staff were great and there is a real sense of a strong team holding it all.  I love what you are doing there and want to bring some singers, who I know would love it.”

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March 13 – 20 2021Singing
Teresa VerneyBrochureBookAvailableoptional 7 day tour to desert and Anti Atlas Mountains 23-27 March
April 13-20 2021Singing
Vivienne CouchBrochureBookAvailable
May 18 – 25 2021Singing
Sophia EfthimiouBrochureBookAvailable
September 14 – 21 2021SingingJenny GoodmanBookAvailable
November 9 – 16 2021SingingCelia WebbBookAvailable
November 23 – 30 2021SingingRowena WhiteheadBookAvailable
December 7 – 14 2021SingingBruce KnightBookAvailable
January 11-18 2022SingingKate DaviesBookAvailable
January 18 – 25 2022SingingCat & HenryBookAvailable
February 1 – 8 2022SingingJane ReadBookAvailable
February 8 – 19 2022SingingPauline DownBookTBC
April 7 – 14 2022SingingHelen YeomansBookAvailable
TBC April 21-28 2022Singing Vivienne CouchBookAvailable
November 8 – 15 2022SingingRowena WhiteheadBookAvailable
December 13 – 20 2022SingingBruce KnightBookAvailable
February 28 – 11 March 2023SingingPauline DownBookAvailable