A Terrific Team

Our exceptional experienced Moroccan staff are one of the main reasons that our guests often return again and again.

The team is like one big happy family and they care for you as if you were a precious member of their own family. They have a fantastic range of skills and knowledge which all combine to make your holiday really special. And they are enormous fun!

They deliver our Holidays with Heart concept effortlessly as well as an in-depth understanding of and commitment to our ethical approach. Whatever you choose to do, our staff are there to add an extra dimension to your holiday.

In addition before your holiday you will get much advice and support from Jane and Martyn in the office in Wales.

Our Guides and Drivers

Our chief guide Said has a real passion for the environment.

His exceptionally detailed knowledge of wildlife especially birds is supported by a degree in biology and geology. He is also a mine of information about most things Moroccan including our beekeeping project

He has a wonderful sense of humour and is a perfect gentleman. He’s been a huge asset during the building of the ecolodge.

Here he is saying “make a date with us”!

Our guide Dounia enthuses everyone with concern for human welfare, especially women’s rights and her fascination with culture.

She loves introducing guests to her friends and family in villages in the mountains.  

She is involved with a variety of handicraft projects and charities locally.

Rachid is a delightful, kind man with a lovely sense of humour.  

He drives people carriers with great care and skill, having never been involved in an accident in his almost 30 years’ experience. He is admired greatly by those who undertake tours with him.

In addition Rachid is a good mechanic and sings beautifully. Highly practical and hands on, he played a huge part in the building project.


The ever-smiling Nordine looks after everybody and everything that needs attention around the property. He knows all the craftsmen in town which was instrumental in completing the ecolodge.

He accompanies guests on a variety of activities around the town such as
guided rides in horse-drawn taxis and craft workshops. 

He’s a big animal lover – we met him when he had a horse-drawn taxi, but could not make much money because he fed his horse too well!

Our Organisers

Latifa has managed the Moroccan office and staff with great skill, integrity and good humour since 1997.

She programmes our visitors’ activities, skilfully matching possibilities to each client’s needs.

Her degree in English and Arabic together with her Berber roots is a huge asset. She has supported a number of eminent anthropologists and volunteers needing help with the Berber language.

Towards the end of her 25 year career in education, Jane developed a strong interest in Morocco. She became involved in research there which led to the running of popular undergraduate field courses.

As a result Jane devised the project in the mid 1990s and became a pioneer in sustainable  tourism in Morocco.

Over the years she and the well-educated staff team have created a unique, flexible and varied programme of authentic activities.

Jane still loves to be involved in researching anything to do with sustainability and Morocco, fundraising for good causes as well as getting to know guests. 

She is in the Wales much of the year (though she’d like to be in Morocco more often!)


Martyn runs the UK office and knows Morocco, the guest house and staff well. Highly experienced, he started work in the Moroccan tourist sector in 2007.

He is a brilliant all-rounder – with IT and maths being his particular strengths. It is rare that he doesn’t have an intelligent answer to anything that Jane asks him.  

Martyn and Jane are responsible for the web site, handling bookings, answering queries, advising clients,  receiving and passing on our guests’ helpful feedback, managing much of the charitable work we do and devising new programmes.


Our Cooks


Our chefs, Fatima, Latifa and Souad have an outstanding reputation.

They cheerfully produce a large repetoire of tasty and beautifully presented dishes. They are able to cater for clients with a wide variety of dietary needs.

They are also happy to pass on their knowledge to others through their cookery lessons in their huge new kitchen. Sales of their cookbook raise funds for charitable projects.


They are also accomplished dancers (which they will demonstrate with joy). They also love to take women to the local hammam, an unforgettable and highly therapeutic experience.

Rave Reviews

For me and also the rest of the group it was far more hospitality and kindness than we ever expected. Rahel

The staff, as always, were beyond brilliant, and their hospitality and service impeccable.  Muiz

I thought the guides were up there with the best in Europe in terms of knowledge, care, humour and pride in their wonderful country. Edna H

It was a FABULOUS week – your staff are unbelievable. In comes another influx of guests, and it feels like we are the first (and favourite) they have welcomed in. The quiet warmth and genuineness of our reception and ongoing care during the week was remarkable. We doubtless all ask the same silly questions, and we are dealt with with unfailing politeness and charm. Emma R

It’s like going home – the staff are so kind and nothing is too much trouble! Jane D