Tutors: Adrian Pointon & Cindy Kelly

Cindy and Adrian are well known and well loved dance teachers who offer a wide range of traditional dances from many cultures and modern choreographies.

Renowned for their enthusiasm and energy, they bring a sense of joy to the dance.

Teaching internationally, their traditional dance choices and their own Celtic choreographies are very popular. They combine clear teaching styles with a sense of humour and have the ability to create a more reflective atmosphere in which they enable groups to explore the spiritual aspects of the dance. Cindy has been teaching Sacred Dance/Circle Dance since 1993 and Adrian has been teaching Circle Dance and Israeli Folk Dance since 1995.

Cindy and Adrian teach a regular weekly group together most Thursdays in Upholland, Lancashire and individually once a month on a Tuesday in, Chorlton, Greater Manchester. 

Music and dance is Adrian & Cindy’s passion, whether leading dances, being part of the circle, or in playing live music for the dance – Adrian is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist.


Pictured on their visit to the newly opened ecolodge in spring 2020.

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