Holiday Tutor: Adrian Wyatt

Adrian’s business is aptly named “Photography for Well Being”. He leads others to understand how images that we capture can be used as a tool for personal development.

He writes: “For years I discovered I had been living someone else’s life, their dreams, their aspirations. I had to make a change. That change was achieved through Mindfulness and the Mindful Photography as a way through difficult time and to find my authentic self. Through these struggles I have found a pathway to better times through the lens of a camera and my personal reflections.

My qualifications are not in photography or mental health (although I have a diploma in mindfulness and meditation) they are in being someone who struggled, for years, with self-worth, identity and later PTSD. I believe our life story is the best, most authentic qualification we will ever have.

My learning has also been impacted by travel especially in Africa including Morocco and work (including as a trustee of a charity in Kenya). I have had work exhibited at Sheffield Cathedral, in Bath and in Bristol on subjects as diverse as the ‘Reformation’ ‘Seeing our local community’ and ‘A hopeful side to Africa.’

Nothing makes my efforts more worthwhile than sharing this with others so they might also benefit from using photography to explore the same.”

Adrian has a current DBS Certificate, have worked across all ages, from children to adults including those with special needs. Adrian has been teaching spiritual photography courses since 2015. He is now a self-employed photographer running courses in photography and mindfulness, amongst others, and has been commissioned to run courses for Creativity Works/Mendip Council running online workshops for Adults with Learning Difficulties.

Adrian discovered La Maison Anglaise in 2018 while when he came for a photography and cultural trip with Graham and returned with his wife in 2019! The ethos and calm of our premises together with the surrounding area attracted him from his first visit and the opportunity to use it for Mindful Photography has grown from there.

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