Tutor: Chrisandra Harris


Chrisandra has been leading teaching folk, circle and meditation dance events since 1989 and has an extensive knowledge of both traditional dances from around the world as well as modern choreographies to world and classical music. She values the importance of the roots of world dance, and so regularly studies traditional dance overseas in order to get as close as possible to its origins. She also organises popular dancing holidays overseas to experience dance in village locations.

Chrisandra also has an interest in using dance as ritual to mark milestones, seasons and events or to explore specific themes. An empowering dance teacher, she helps everyone to find their dancing feet and dancing heart as well as experience the joy, wellbeing and sense of community that dance brings. She has also practised and studied yoga for over 20 years and is a qualified yoga teacher with many additional yoga additional qualifications including restorative yoga and yoga nidra. She shares holistic yoga (concerned with enhancing physical/emotional/mental/spiritual/and energetic well being), and loves to combine yoga with dance, believing they are perfect partners, particularly for the mature body.

Chrisandra has been running courses at La Maison Anglaise for many years and has fallen under the spell of Morocco and the lovely Berber people. On her holidays she encourages people to experience as much about the Moroccan culture as possible as well as enjoying the dance and yoga workshops that she offers. The environment of La Maison Anglaise is perfect for the courses she likes to offer and like everyone she loves the food! 

A few testimonials

AD: “I had such a wonderful time, met some lovely people who made me feel so welcome – they were wonderful. When I had a go at the (local) dancing they were so helpful.”

DO: “I can’t thank you and Jane enough for all your hard work putting all this together for myself and the others in the group. It was truly magical, the peace, tranquillity and super classes. I so enjoyed the early morning yoga and every other yoga session and got so much from them. I just loved the meditation dances, they are so deep and moving.”

CJ: “It was an amazing trip. It was so much fun that I would like to go back.”

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