Holiday Tutor: Jeanette Whitford

Jeanette Whitford head_edited

Jeanette was lucky enough to discover circle dancing when she moved to Shropshire and started dancing with her inspirational teacher Mandy de Winter in 1988. “At first I couldn’t do the steps at all, but completely and instantly fell in love with the wonderful mix of music and the special atmosphere of the circle.” Mandy said “I had a daft smile throughout that first session of dance”. Mandy became Jeanette’s dear friend as well as teacher and was wonderfully encouraging when Jeanette started tentatively to teach circle dance herself. Since the 1990’s Jeanette has taught regular dance groups in Shropshire, Worcestershire and Somerset, and led the Glastonbury group for 11 years, as well as leading occasional workshops, and dance holidays in Croatia and in Morocco.

She has worked with many international teachers to develop her skills and repertoire but always retains a love for the dances she first learned with Mandy. She teaches a mix of modern and traditional dances and enjoys working with a theme when leading dance holidays. She is a gentle, encouraging teacher who loves seeing others find connection and sense of community through the shared experience, and discovering both joy and stillness within dance. She teaches with precision and humour and always welcomes new as well as experienced dancers to her groups.

Jeanette always wanted to visit Morocco and fell in love with La Maison Anglaise, Taroudant and the surrounding area on her first visit and has returned several times. She starts each day of the holiday with simple meditation dances moving gently in the soft morning light, with the main dance sessions being held after supper each evening. Jeanette looks forward to sharing magical and special experiences in this magical and special place on her “Magic in Morocco” dance holiday.

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