Tutor: Jenifer Klepfer

A former dancer and trained yoga teacher, Jenifer has been working with Lotte Berk’s daughter Esther since 2006. Jenifer has a deep understanding of the technique and the philosophy behind it that she cannot wait to share with you over the course of the retreat. Jenifer believes in the transformative power of the technique and is committed to joyful embodiment – inhabiting our bodies with gratitude and without punishment.

Quotes from students:

“It is Mix of ballet and yoga, A vintage workout with chat and fun. Very good for tweaking your body shape, very good for lightening your soul.”

“What keeps me coming back for more? The other students and Jen!  Has definitely made a difference to my shape and I haven’t needed to see the osteopath since I started just over 2 years ago….and I was going every couple of months!!!”

“It’s a good strong practice that I know is keeping me fit, in all sorts of body places that are important. It complements, but is different to my yoga practice.”

“I love the fact that they are based on dance exercises, as a child I always wanted to be a dancer and did lots of ballet, and so I really enjoy that aspect of it, feeling I have rekindled a part of my youth. Plus I can really feel the results in my fitness and lots of friends have commented on my legs!”

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