Tutor: Kate Davies

Kate’s love of music participation began in school when she played in a brass band. Playing second trumpet was a great opportunity to get a feel for harmony and how each part, however simple, contributes to the whole. She discovered The Natural Voice Network a few years later and immediately knew that teaching singing, in a way that was accessible to all, was what she wanted to do.

She began in 2001, co-leading a fortnightly drop-in group on Gower, and now leads 4 regular choirs in the Swansea area, Saturday workshops in Carmarthenshire, a week intensive world music choir at Marlborough College Summer School and singing holidays in Wales and Morocco.

In 2016 Kate completed 4 years of training in The Feldenkrais method®. This training has had a huge impact on how she shares her singing and choir work and now recognises even more the importance of cultivating attunement to one another and maintaining
attention whilst singing. She teaches weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement group classes in Swansea and gently infuses this method into her singing workshops. Kate loves teaching at La Maison Anglaise. The staff there provide such attentive holding and care to us all, helping to create a supportive and kind atmosphere amongst the group. This is the perfect environment for sharing our voices and connecting with the local people and culture.

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