Tutor: Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor

Through 17 years of practising Yoga and her 10 years of teaching, Lisa has witnessed just how significantly peoples’ lives are improved by Yoga, including her own. When she first started practising she had a great deal of pain in her body, particularly in the hips and back. She also felt overwhelmed about being a mum of a boisterous 2 year old boy.

The Yoga, over time, allowed her body to become pain-free, energised and much more flexible and strong. Emotionally, spiritually and mentally she felt (and continues to feel) calmer, more in balance, have a greater sense of inner resources (able to deal with life’s challenges) and a sense of joy, harmony and trust in Life.

Yoga has an accumulative effect – the more you practice (generally speaking) the better, on all levels, you feel.

Lisa trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and the Inner Yoga Trust and she continues to regularly update her practice.

Lisa is passionate about Yoga and loves to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with her students. She has a background in nursing, social work and massage so bring the qualities of nurturance, compassion, care and an intuitive reading of bodies to my classes.

Lisa also offers one to one sessions and yoga holidays. She has visited Morocco regularly to teach for us.

Are you feeling tired, achy, stiff and stressed ? Think that you are not flexible enough to do Yoga ? Do you long to feel free of tension and niggles, supple, calm and uplifted. ?

Yoga One to One sessions work effectively with your needs and your body and provide you with a home practice plan so that you can gain the maximum positive effects from your Yoga practice.

Success Story “I came to Lisa with two slipped discs, sciatica and a general air of misery. The best I hoped for was a bit of pain relief. To my surprise, and eternal gratitude, what I got is an absence of pain. I began to notice a difference within a month and, five months down the line, the pain and sleepless nights are a distant memory. I’ve also been known to crack a smile occasionally. Transformational.” Andy

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