Tutor: Louise Cook

louise cook
Louise Cook

Louise trained with the YHM in 2016 after more than 30 years of yoga practice and exploration into different forms of bodywork and healing practices. In 2008 Louise attended her first Scaravelli-inspired class. Deeply moved by this style of practice she then went on to study with many teachers including Marc Woolford, Catherine Annis, Helen Noakes, John Stirk, Christine Borg, Peter Blackaby and Jenny Beeken.

The immersive training that Louise completed in India was Hatha based but Scaravelli inspired – Vanda Scaravelli did not wish to have her name put to a style of yoga. Seeing that this could result in dogma and rules of application she wished that each teacher/practitioner should instead find their own truth to share. Vanda Scaravelli trained under Iyengar alongside Jiddu Krishnamurti whose teachings greatly influenced her own life and practice.

Louise was a mature student at Krishnamurti’s centre and school Brockwood Park in the late 80’s which greatly informed the course of her life and teaching. You can expect the yoga practice on these retreats to be slow and deep with a strong emphasis on embodied self-awareness and kindness towards oneself. Hopefully we find a way to let go of ambition and control, and of pushing and pulling. Instead we hope to find a strength and ease that goes much deeper, both physically and spiritually. Louise’s other interests include dance (ecstatic, 5 rhythms, free style etc.) and she usually offers an optional movement and dance workshop as part of her retreats. She is also a massage therapist, has 3 grown-up children and 2 grandchildren. She lives near the beautiful West Wales coast in North Pembrokeshire.

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