Holiday Tutor: Marie Aditi Brown

Marie Aditi Brown Yoga with Cert

Marie Aditi is a certified Yoga teacher with Yoga Satsang Ashram Wales in Sanatan Yoga Classical Hatha Yoga & Rishiculture Ashtanga.

Marie Aditi’s style of teaching is inclusive, all level practice. The key focus is Awareness, the first step in yoga – awareness of the connection between body and breath, mind and soul. This creates mobility, strength & balance as well as allowing your energy to flow. A yoga session with Marie will usually follow the same pattern each session, something she takes from the Ashtanga lineage. Although the pattern is the same, the content will vary. 

She says: – “I believe it is important to keep some elements the same every practice – it creates familiarity and builds confidence for the student. My intention in class is to allow a safe space for personal introspect and yet finding courage to challenge oneself. My experience is that it is often the mind that is holding us back, not our body!”

Marie was given her Yoga name “Aditi” from her teachers Yogachariya Jnandev & Yogacharini Deepika. To receive a Yoga name from your teachers is a great honour and something they choose carefully. Aditi means “light”.

As well as being a yoga teacher Marie is the Office Manager with Holidays with Heart in Wales.

Marie lives with her husband and two boys in Carmarthenshire, Wales. She teaches weekly classes in West Wales. 

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