Tutors: Nawal & Dee


This set the trend for over 30 years of a creative use of circle dance, more often than not on esoteric and mythic themes, which gives the dancing a powerful and transformative context. These events brought deep healing for the participants. Dee and Nawal are versatile and innovative. They are equally passionate about soulful traditional dances and music from Greece,
Bulgaria, Armenia, Albania and South East Turkey and Russia, and have run countless days of these dances. Nawal has also choreographed dozens of dances – ‚ÄúChiaroscuro” has proved a global calling card. Both are musical and sing together in harmony and play live music for the dance. They made a CD of circle dance music, Close Harmony, when they were in a four-piece band with Bob Minney and Mandy de Winter. Nawal’s CD of sacred original songs, with dances, Paradise Regained, has sold all over the world.

They teach with clarity, spontaneity and depth – but always with a light touch. Their styles complement one another. Dee is reflective and erudite, Nawal intuitive and funny. They always try to be responsive and sensitive to the group in front of them, and create an inclusive, respectful, yet dynamic safe circle, with plenty of laughter, as well as plenty of silence. The atmosphere and unspoken flow of the dance is their guide. In this sense, they see their roles as dance curators, allowing the session to unfold as it needs to. They
delight in teaching beginners and experienced alike. They have collaborated over the years with wonderful teachers Sophia Hatch and June Watts.

They were a fixture at the early dance camps in West Wales. They teach regularly all over the UK, and have led events at Findhorn, the USA, Canada, France and South Africa. In 2016 they were the lead teachers at the Rodas do Sul Festival in Brazil, with over 160 dancers in the circle. Their favourite annual UK event is at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, which they have led since 1993. They still teach their regular local groups in the North West, one of which has run continuously since 1986, which they love and which keeps their feet firmly on the ground!

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