Tutor: Paul Boizot

Born in 1953, Paul has been teaching Circle Dance since 1992 and from 1993 onwards has been running day events in the UK for dancers with some experience. He lives in York, UK, and teaches a weekly course in Scarborough. Having led dance weeks at La Maison Anglaise in 2015, 2017 and 2019, he has also taught residential dance weeks in Greece. He is a qualified aromatherapist and has also taught Current Affairs amongst other subjects, for the WEA (Workers Educational Association). Paul teaches both traditional and modern dances and particularly likes Balkan, Romanian and Greek. He sings and plays music for Circle Dance and has also taught International Folk Dance. He has passed the Society for International Folk Dancing (SIFD) teacher training course and is thus included in the Society’s list of recognised and qualified teachers. He also has a City & Guilds adult teaching qualification.

Paul has choreographed many dances, including Ebb And Flow, Twilight, Ever-Flowing Spring, Shadows Of Greece, Breton Carol, Dreamer’s Song,  Circle Mazurka and Here, Now. He has also choreographed several dances to music from Spain and Portugal and their various regions. Paul has a wide repertoire and is noted for clear teaching techniques. He likes to present some background information about his dances and teach with humour. He likes to include something of the symbolism of dances, but generally not at length,  preferring to let dancers find some of their own meaning within the movements and music.

Videos of some dances are at www.paulboizot.co.uk/videos.htm, or on his
youtube channel (paulboizot).

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