Tutor: Rowena Whitehead


Rowena has extensive experience of leading singing holidays and retreats, in the UK and beyond and loves nothing better than to take a group of fellow adventurers away from their everyday lives so they can reconnect with their adventurous , playful, relaxed and creative selves as they, explore, learn, unwind, have fun, experience a different culture, share voices, insights, stories and skills . Having worked as a teacher in Morocco in the late 70’s, she has long wanted to bring groups here, and discovering Holidays with Heart has given her the chance to do this. She loves working with the lovely and highly skilled team at La Maison Anglaise. Nothing beats singing from
the rooftop as dawn breaks over the mountains and then eating Fatima’s AMAZING breakfasts before embarking on a new absorbing adventure and are able to weave singing into our encounters, singing in mountains, by rivers, trees, in villages, palaces…

Rowena is a Cambridge-based community singing leader, choir director and voice teacher with a background in teaching, training and community development and is well known for her engaging, relaxed and skilled approach in enabling people of all ages to connect with their voices and sing together in harmony, whatever their previous  singing experience. She has a deeply held conviction arising from many years of experience that singing is good for heart, body and soul and for community wellbeing and much of her work over the last 25 years has focussed on creating singing communities and choirs, throughout the UK and beyond.

She is a founder member of the Natural Voice Network and in 2004 she set up the charity Talking in Tune  https://talkingintune.wordpress.com), which promotes singing for social change by creating singing and music opportunities for all. She works extensively in the field of singing and health, has trained music therapists and regularly leads training courses for teachers and singing leaders. She currently leads ReSound Acappella Choir, Global Harmony Community Singers and the Memory Notes, a singing group with people with dementia and their carers. She sings with the quartet 4Tunes Friends.

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