Tutor Sandra Reeve

Sandra Reeve

Sandra’s background is in Physical Theatre, Satipatthana (Theravada Buddhism), Healing-Shiatsu and Movement Psychotherapy. Move into Life is deeply inspired by having moved and studied with Suprapto Suryodarmo (1945-2019), the founder of Amerta Movement, for over half of her life.

Move into Life with Sandra Reeve teaches you the art of being in movement. 

There is so much to be learnt through moving – and it is so much a part of our lives that we can often disregard it. Our movement has a whole rich vocabulary that we scarcely notice: 

  • the rhythms and patterns of our walking
  • the way we stand and sit
  • how we move our hands as we talk
  • how our movement changes in different places and situations (when we’re alone or in company, for example).

You can explore your body in motion: 

  • how the structure of your body negotiates the environment 
  • how the senses, alive in each movement, inform your perceptual life 
  • the many variations in movement, as you begin to understand flow and weight and move through space and time.
  • ‘follow your line’ in movement, finding a sequence of physical sensations in your body.

You can learn:

  • to listen through your body
  • how to surf the wave between your inner life and the outer environment, alive to yourself, alive to the environment and alive to others.
  • how your movement patterns reflect and inform your communication with others.  
  • how to experiment with change, beginning always with finding and changing your movement habits. 
  • to reconnect with nature by remembering through your movement that you are part of nature, not apart from nature. 

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