Tutor: Zita Alves

Zita Alves was a stressed out, asthmatic, overweight, non-exerciser who changed careers, age 28, to become a personal trainer after hearing a radio advert!

She had no idea why it resonated with her, she just absolutely knew at that moment that she wanted to help people feel better and she had found her calling in life.

Fast forward to turning 50, she realised that as women our bodies are changing more than ever, so it’s time to help more women understand and support their bodies as we head through peri-menopause and beyond menopause.

“There is so much we can do for our bodies and minds after the age of 40, but we have to start as soon as we can, so I’m here to help you feel vibrant, confident and realise your full potential during your magical midlife.” Zita says

Over the last 25 years Zita has worked 1-1 with a variety of men and women, she has been a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador, a weekly magazine columnist, a judge at the Nourish Awards, created a fitness product that was sold online, won several awards for Zest Bootcamp group outdoor exercise classes which she set up in Bath in 2009.

Zita Alves

Zita has run residential retreats in France, and day retreats in the UK alongside her online healthy eating and lifestyle programmes.

She runs online stretch classes and is passionate about being outdoors in nature, using breath work and meditation to support mental and physical wellbeing, food and so much more to help women navigate life after 40.

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