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Wildlife Conservation in Wonderful Morocco

Wildlife in Morocco - Tortoise
Spur-thighed tortoise – subspecies unique to the Souss Valley

Wildlife in Morocco is diverse and fascinating.  Taroudant’s wildlife resources are phenomenal and your enjoyment of them will be greatly enhanced by the knowledge and enthusiasm of our guide, Said. He has been involved with La Maison Anglaise guest house since 1993,  helping Jane with her research into wildlife conservation.

“The whole experience was wonderful and all were full of praise for the holiday and the staff and especially Said for his amazing knowledge which was shared with such humour and without overwhelming us as some guides can do.”  Mike and Barbara Driscoll – leaders of Wildlife, Walking and Photography group, March 2016

Biodiverse Areas

There are 480 bird species, 90 reptile species (50% more than in the whole of Europe!) and 3,600 recognised plant species in Morocco of which a high percentage are endemic (17%).

Male - Moussier's Redstart
Male – Moussier’s Redstart

We have a high concentration of endemic species in the Souss Valley, High Atlas and Anti Atlas Mountains. Most importantly, the Souss Valley  is a “crossroads” for flora and fauna from the Mediterranean, the Sahara, the Tropics (eg. the argan tree and Geoffrey’s ground squirrel) and  montane zones. A tortoise unique to the region Testudo graeca soussensis named here in 2001 does not need to hibernate due to the warmer winter climate! There are many beautiful lizards and geckos, the latter being used in our logo as a symbol of good fortune.

Moroccan green Sahara frog (Pelophylax saharica)
Moroccan green Sahara frog

In 1991 the Souss Massa National Park, was designated as a category 5 status (the highest international designation). It is most famous for the last remaining colonies of Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita) breeding in the wild. Gazelles, Oryx and Addax and the African Ostrich have been successfully reintroduced from 1994 in the Souss Massa National Park.

Barbary Ground Squirrel
Barbary Ground Squirrel

The argan forest is unique to the region. The fruit produces a marvellous oil which is  good to eat and now in great demand worldwide due to its wonderful effects on the skin, hair and nails. A Biosphere Reserve to protect it was designated in December 1998.  The endemic cactoid Euphorbias are recognised as internationally important by the IUCN.

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Bald Ibis
Bald Ibis

Guests at La Maison Anglaise, whether or not you are part of a Special Interest group holiday , will benefit from a wealth of information from our full time guide and our library about wildlife in Morocco. You will have the chance to observe many species. Ask us for advice on when to travel to see what interests you most.