Ecolodge Bedrooms

Our beautiful en-suite bedrooms are surrounded our stunning gardens. They are spacious – about 25 square metres.

You can choose rooms set up for couples, friends, families or those with disabilities.


Enjoy the colour scheme and simple beauty of your room and its furniture. There are exquisite Moroccan handcrafted arches, alcoves, lanterns, mirrors, ceramics, leather goods, bedspreads, rugs and more, most of which are made locally by artisans we know.

If you need to work you can use our excellent Wifi and the desk and chair with a reading lamp and a USB socket. 

Save the Planet in Comfort !

Each room has been cleverly designed to be really warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to thick earth walls, cross ventilation via a solar chimney, ceiling and floor level insulation, south-facing double glass doors and windows with insulating wooden shutters and wide eaves to provide shade when the sun is high in the sky. The result is that even in mid-winter room temperatures are about 20 degrees centigrade and humidity levels are around a healthy 35%. 

Relaxing Enjoy relaxing on a settee with a coffee table opposite the long glass double doors or on your south-facing terrace, both overlooking your 6 metre deep garden.

Storage Using the benches for suitcases, unload your belongings into a spacious wardrobe with hanging area and shelving which also has a safe for small valuables and extra bedding.

Bathrooms are all en-suite with a separate toilet, lever-operated mixer taps, water-saving but powerful shower heads, hot water supplied from a neatly hidden solar panel with insulated large storage cylinder*, an inset washbasin set into marble worktop with shelving beneath and ventilation via a solar chimney. 

* We have a gas back up system for our hammam which ensures you always have access to hot water if the sun does not heat the solar water enough. There is a 150 litre panel for each pair of rooms which provides peak hot water before sunset.


Well located and easy to find 


All bedrooms are easy to find and conveniently located between the quiet zone near the pool and the communal rooms (dining, activity, library, reception) which are near the main courtyard . We provide you with an easy to follow map of the site to orientate you on arrival.

Mattresses to Suit You

All mattresses are high quality. Moroccan mattresses tend to be firm so we have had toppers made. We are lucky that there is a local man who used to work in a mattress factory! Rest assured that we can turn your mattress if it does not suit you – there is a hard and soft side.

Guilt-free Showers!

Whenever you have a shower or wash your hands, you know the grey water will go to water our plants. And it will be cleaned by the gravel system before it enters our 9 cubic metre underground storage tank. Then the water feeds many food plants including papaya, guava,  globe artichokes and many other vegetables, fruits and herbs. Your water is heated by generously sized solar panels with well-insulated storage and with a daily average of 8-9 hours sunshine even in mid-winter you can expect plenty of hot water.

Flexibility for Sleeping and Sharing

All rooms can accommodate 2 people, some with extra bed(s) for children: most have super king size beds (180 cm wide); some have king size (160 cm) one room has double bed (140 cm), many have 2 single beds (most 90 cm wide;  a few 80 cm wide. The latter are made to be converted into king size beds). Many rooms have a small bed-settee (pictured) generally only suitable for a child and one room has 2 of these (70 cm wide x 2 metres long). Cot(s) available on request.

Single Occupancy

We make a surcharge for rooms occupied by one person. However, our charges are less than in many establishments in Morocco where it is common to pay the same for the room whether there is one or two occupants.

Facilities for Families – 2 two-bedroomed Suites & a Family Room

Our 2 suites with interconnecting bathrooms (2 bathrooms, one for each bedroom) are:

The C Suite: Caper (2 single beds) and Carob (160 cms wide double adapts to 2 x 80 cms wide beds + option of cot) are near to the pool and spa.

The O Suite: Olive (160 cms wide double + bed-settee 70 cms wide x 2 metres long or cot) & Orange (2 single beds + bed-settee 70 cms wide x 2 metres long) are nearer to communal rooms and the roof terrace.

Quince – a Family Room has a king sized bed (can be separated into 2 x 80 cm wide beds) is a very large bedroom with 2 sofa-beds suitable for children, both 70 cms wide x 2 metres.

Alternatively you may choose an pair of adjacent rooms (see more about room pairs below).

Extra wide double door to open plan bathroom

Facilities for Disabled Guests

One of our bedrooms, Papaya, is adapted for partially disabled guests. Hence it has a wide entrance and double bathroom doors, an open plan bathroom with low level wash basin, a drop-down shower seat and a detachable toilet seat heightener. 

In addition Papaya is located close to all the communal facilities including the library and the office.

There is also a ramp in the door of the dining room from where you can access both the kitchen and activity room without a step to climb.

Rooms Named after Plants

We love plants and what they have to offer us. Hence our 14 bedrooms are named after some of the useful trees, tree-derived products or shrubs grown in our lovingly tended gardens. And we have laminated cards explaining fascinating facts about the plants linked to the rooms which are available in our library.

Rooms are in pairs beginning with the same letter in alphabetical order to make them easy to find, plus two rooms that are in pairs which begin with unique letters, Loquat & Quince.

The pairs of names are: As: Almond and Argan; Cs: Caper and Carob; Fs: Fig & Frankincense; Hs: Henna & Hibiscus; Os: Olive & Orange; Ps: Papaya & Pomegranate.

The final 2 rooms, Loquat and Quince are unique rooms with a slightly different layout, shape and position. 

We have 7 twin rooms with two 90 cms wide beds: Almond, Argan, Caper, Frankincense, Henna, Loquat and Orange.  All except Orange may be converted to super king size (180 cms wide) beds.

We have 6 rooms with king size beds: Fig, Olive, Carob, Quince, Henna and Papaya (Fig are Olive are 160 cms wide beds; the others have 2 x 80 cms wide beds which are usually joined to make 160 cms). 

We have 1 room with a standard double bed (140 cms wide): Pomegranate.

A mirror in one of the arcades with reflection of our only staircase - to the roof terrace!

Our Rooms

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