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If you are on a GROUP HOLIDAY but not on the DESIGNATED group flight we can send another taxi to pick you up. Taxi charge in Dirhams from Agadir Airport to Taroudant. 1 guest – about £44 (550 MAD) each; 2 guests – about £24 (300 MAD) each; 3 guests – about £16 (200 MAD) each; 4 or more guests - about £12 (150 MAD) each

Taxis also available from other places - we will quote on request.

If you are planning to arrive by road the communal Grand Taxis will bring you within a few 100 metres of us and are easier than buses. If we are not picking you up at the airport we request that you aim to arrive at a similar time (about 1.5 hours after their flight arrival).
If you are travelling independently and require a taxi to pick you up
DINNER ON NIGHT OF ARRIVAL If you are a member of a group we will always offer food on arrival. If you have booked independently we don't usually serve dinners for small numbers after 7 pm. If you want to eat later we will show you a nearby Moroccan restaurant. Our meal cost including dessert and non-alcoholic drinks is shown here
Please confirm that you have read and understood the following
1. I confirm that I have read the Booking Conditions at the foot of this page. I understand that I must obtain travel insurance to cover me against potential medical and cancellation costs. If joining a group holiday I understand that I must obtain insurance as soon as I have been informed that adequate numbers have been recruited for the group to be viable.
2. I will ensure that I have a passport* (and, if needed, a visa**) valid for entry to Morocco. *It is usually advised that you have a minimum of 3 months’ validity of passports from the date of arrival in Morocco is required or at least until after the date you plan to return. **Most travellers do not require a Visa – certainly not anyone holding a UK or EU passport.
3. I understand that IF the cost of travel from and to the airport at the start and end of the holiday is included, it is only for the flight designated on your brochure or the "Time to Book Your Tickets Email". If you require a transfer at other times, we can supply transport at a reasonable cost and will confirm the cost once we know how many are travelling on that flight or at a similar time to you.

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