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Last updated 9th July  2021

Morocco has been open for travel since the 15th June! 

Why Travel to Morocco is Easy Now

For those who have been double vaccinated
From the 19th July those travelling from airports in England (where all direct flights to Morocco travel from) will not have to quarantine on return from Morocco. Morocco is on the amber list. Since they fall very easily within the green list category (having had about 1 – 2 cases per 100,000 for some time – strange when up to 25 per 100,000 is the limit for green listed) if they change do it should be a change the green list! **

For those who have NOT been vaccinated  You need a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival (was originally 48 hours, so this makes it easy to do the test by post).

Airline News The airlines have flexible booking offers which we rechecked yesterday. EasyJet flights from London Gatwick or Manchester direct to Agadir or BA flights direct to Marrakech from Heathrow.

Reduced Testing Costs There is pressure on the government to reduce the cost of tests for travel – the prices have already halved since I travelled to Morocco in November. We shall keep updating our Latest Travel News web page here. When you book Easy Jet or BA flights there are discount codes.

Help from us If you choose to book with us we will give you the latest details at that time. 

** In addition to the infection rate, these factors are considered: the vaccination rate (the highest of any country in Africa , covering the vulnerable members of the population already), the prevalence of variants of concern (far less an issue than the UK!), access to sufficient medical facilities,(for the number of cases they are very well equipped, especially in our area where there have been no cases for some time) and the ability to do genomic sequencing (they can).

Cheap Flights
In fact we think being on the amber list is good news because flight prices have doubled overnight for new green list countries so perhaps now is the time to book flights whilst Morocco is still on the amber list and very likely to move to the green list. Most airlines now have very flexible booking conditions.

Entry Requirements 
EITHER if you have been double vaccinated more than 2 weeks before your departure date you are free to enter Morocco.

You can obtain your vaccination certificate from the NHS in England here 

If you are vaccinated in Wales you can obtain your certificate from here

We shall have had experience of it all ourselves soon so can give simple guidance. OR if you are not vaccinated you will need a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. There are now much cheaper options

On Return to the UK  
1) Testing You currently need to have a test. Whether the rapid antigen will be eligible soon is unclear (it is for  self testing kit costing £26 which you take with you & results in a certificate being generated).
2) Quarantine exemption  For those who are vaccinated (even if Morocco remains on the amber list) the UK government plan to introduce exemption from the 10 day quarantine currently required. Once Morocco is on the green list no quarantine is required for anyone whether vaccinated or not.

Cheap Sources of Tests
Prices have been very high but it’s always been possible to get them much more cheaply in Morocco and that is the case in the UK too. For example you can buy tests from Randox and obtain a 10% discount using this code EasyJet2021 (you don’t have to buy a flight from EasyJet)

In case you would like to read helpful information about Covid – 19 please go to our page here