Cultural Experiences


Where to meet and where it happens

What happens


When it happens

Henna tattoos

Outside, often in the courtyard – henna should dry in the sun

Decorate the top of your feet, hands or arm. Effectiveness depends on skin quality

Expose the parts of body you’d like tattooed. Wear something which you don’t mind getting a bit of henna on – can stain

Late in your stay

Cookery lesson


Ingredients, cooking methods and vessels explained. Hands on experience. Recipe sheets.

Option to buy our cook book- all income goes to community projects

Possible most days

Language lesson (Moroccan Arabic/Berber/French)

Activity room or dining room

We usually teach words & phrases used as greetings & when shopping

Moroccan Arabic normally taught. Let us know if you’d like to learn anything particular

Early in your stay

Ride in a traditional taxi- a horse drawn carriage (caleche) around the town & its walls

Pick up outside the front gate

See the most complete town walls anywhere in Morocco, the tannery, the main squares, the Berber souks and many of aspects of daily life

Early in your stay, perhaps around sunset

Visit to our own or the local Hammam

Dining room for briefing then walk to hammam

You are covered in soft soap, then henna & rhassoul mud in hot steamy rooms.

Take underwear to wear in the hammam, toiletries, towel and a bottle of drinking water

Usually 10am or 4pm

Lunch served in a traditional village house in a Berber village

In the High Atlas in a Berber village – part of the outing that all clients are offered

An opportunity to have a taste of simple village fare & dining – mint tea, fresh bread and a lightly spiced but tasty tagine or a traditional barley couscous

The meal is suitable for vegetarians & vegans & with a guarantee of no possibility of food poisoning!

Any day

Craft workshops (henna artistry, leather, jewellery, bamboo crafts and stone carving)

In the souk & other workshops in town. Henna on the roof terrace

Sessions usually last 2-3 hours. You learn a little about the history, cultural & economic significance of the trade as well as making an object

Maximum of 2 people do any one craft at a time. Flexibility to extend sessions

Any day, usually mornings

Feast for the Senses

In the Activity room

That’s a secret, but it’s great fun, relaxing and enjoyable

Minimum group size of 8

Evening after dinner, usually on your last evening

Music and Dancing (Arabic, Berber, Sufi or Gnawa)

Usually in the courtyard

You listen to a local live band, the  band and some of our staff dance and they hope you will join in

Minimum group size of 10, or less if  we can offer it for a surcharge.

Afternoon or evening after dinner