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Local Currency & Tips


For simplicity, we have arranged for you to pay for your extras at the end of your stay; our office staff keep track of the costs on the computer & will provide a tally of your expenditure towards the end of your stay. There will be an opportunity to get dirhams around that time (if needed) using either a card at an ATM or by exchanging currency at the bureau de change. The bureau is easy to find (being on the corner of the square where the carriages wait between the Arab & Berber souks), is usually open until the evening and is more effcient than the bank).

In addition to your extra meals and activities, you may wish to allow for;-

  1. tips (see more information below)
  2. drinks you have had from the clients’ kitchen
  3. purchases to support community projects such as cards, posters, embroidery and our cookbook
  4. purchases from the house (which are both good value compared with the souk or may be unique): for example our shopping bags (about 100 dh), our special spice mix (rhas al hanout) (10 dh per bag) and our thick jellabahs (about 300 dh)


Also we do accept if necessary up to £20 in sterling (NOT Euros or other currencies) towards tips at the end of your holiday.


Tipping is part of tradition and culture in Morocco. Most guests like to thank our staff in this traditional way, showing gratitude for those who entertain, organise, cook, serve, teach, transport, guide and clean for you and so generously share their culture with you, but please don’t feel obliged to give.

To save you giving out small tips throughout your stay, and because you don’t always see everyone involved, we ask you to give a sum which will be shared by our completely trustworthy managers between the staff in proportion to their input during your stay.

The going rate is about 10%. Now the difficult question of how much to give. We suggest each client might give 300 dh for a week’s stay (resulting in each member of staff receiving about £2.00).

There are 2 exceptions: tips for the masseuse should be done invidually and if you are going on a tour our driver(s)/guide(s) should be tipped separately. When you visit the hammam, we offer to tip 10 Dh on your behalf.

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