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Welcome and Security and Safety

Welcome to our guest house and Morocco! Please don’t hesitate to ask for anything you would like during your stay. The staff will be only too glad to help. We will look after you very well and we find guests soon feel very safe even if it is their first visit to Morocco. We joke that we give a prize for the best (constructive) complaint because we want you to tell us if there is anything to rectify! Please do not tell us after your stay – we cannot rectify problems then as it is usually too late! Any problems please speak to our manager here but feel free to contact our UK office if necessary here.

There will be a chance twice daily around breakfast and supper time to order meals, discuss your programme for the next day or more etc. Our manager is usually in the office from after breakfast until midday then from 3.30pm until supper time. However it’s wise to make an appointment for anything urgent.

Keys, doors, windows, safe & shutters.

Your room has 3 keys: one (marked with a red dot) for the glass door, another for the wooden exterior door and the small one for the safe. We do not supply a key to the main gate for security reasons. When you ring the bell, one bell rings in the back garden so be patient if there is no-one in the kitchen or office. You can also phone our WhatsApp number +212670053707 at all times. The rear gate is normally used for service purposes only (fire engines etc.)

To operate the bolts on windows, most need to be pulled slightly towards you to engage. To stop the wind banging shutters & doors, please use the metal catches. 

To open the safe (this is also written on the safe):

1. Put the key in and turn to the left.
2. Turn the dial to the right to operate.

Our Guardian is on duty from 8pm until 8am

If he is not in the Guardian’s room near the main gate (as you enter it is located on the left as you turn the corner when you first see the 8 arches)  he may will be walking around the boundaries, in the kitchen or watering. His phone number: + 212 6700 53 707 (if you use WhatsApp you can call free of charge via our Wi-fi).

Emergency Services in Morocco

Fire Brigade & Ambulance – ring 15   Police – ring 19 (using Moroccan SIM card)
Medical – your medical insurance policy & emergency number should be supplied to our staff. Please carry your insurance policy with you when you go out.

UK Office Contact Details

In case of emergency if the Moroccan staff are unable to resolve your problems, please contact Jane, Martyn or Marie.
Phone: 0044 1239 803131. If you fail to get a reply, try Jane’s mobile 0044 778 148 142 (also a WhatsApp number) usually on until 11pm.

Office hours (UK Time) normally 9.30am-2.30pm Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri; Wed 12-5pm & often at other times.


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