Local Shopping in Taroudant

Shopping guidelines on what to buy, hwere to buy and what to expect to pay.




Leather Goods


Babouches (leather slippers)

From 80 MAD

From 80 MAD

Carved stone

Simple objects made from local limestone

Various items from 50 MAD

Brass and Copper

Taroudant is said to be the best place in the country to buy hammered copper items. i.e. Brass/copper framed mirrors

Various items from 80 MAD

Fossils and Minerals

Stalls near town walls on the road to Agadir. Turn right at roundabout near the Palais Salam and walk for about 1 km – you’ll see it on the right. Mainly excellent quality and very good value compared with UK. Watch out for doctored minerals (silver spray paint onto crystals) or ammonites with the centre carved (only the outer whorl is genuine). All others are usually excellent specimens.

 From 50 MAD


Stalls near town walls on the road to Agadir. Turn right at the roundabout near the Palais Salam. Mostly a little large to carry , such as mini hammam, or lampshades

 From 30 MAD


Small wool (1m x 40cm approx)
Large wool
Killims (fine weave, silk) are dearer. Our staff can help you and never take commission from sellers. More harshly coloured chemically-dyed and machine-made carpets are cheaper.

 From 400 MAD             Around 1100 MAD/sq Mtr


Tagine dish, undecorated                                                                  Tagine dish, decorated
Plate, decorated

Small 20 MAD       Large 65 MAD      Small from 120 MAD  Large from 160 MAD


Jellabas – Long woolen, hooded Kaftans                                                                     lighter weigh, various fabrics

300 MAD from Staff      200 MAD      


Brass/copper framed                                                                        Camel bone framed

from 90 MAD                from 160 MAD      


I sold at a fixed price. Specially recommended are;-

Local olives – black ones have very good flavour but tend to be salty.        Olive oil – best bought from Berber village                                            Argan oil – best bought from Cooperative at Tioute Palmery where it is guaranteed unadulterated and organic. There are two types, one for cosmetic use and one for cooking.                                                                        Figs, Almonds, Walnuts & Dates – in the Berber Souk – can be very good but taste first.                                                                                            Herbs & Spices – may not be a fixed price (best to buy our cook’s freshly ground mix)