Moroccan Children's Trust Fundraising

Over the years we have helped in a wide variety of ways and we continue to follow their work with enthusiasm.

Hot Showers for Street Children

Circle dancers Vicki Slade and Mary Fallon donated enough money to buy a boiler in October 2016. This will enable street children to have hot showers – sure to be a great comfort for them in winter.

Transformation of Old Pre-School Room 

A huge thank you for efforts made in the first month of fundraising: Circle dance teacher, Paul Boizot, has  donated £200;  Jane Ford has donated a play station and art materials; and Jeanette Whitford and Dorothy Nicolls are raising funds through the Circle Dance Network.

The most remarkable progress was in Dec 2016 when  Jeanette  launched her “Dancing for Light” project whereby she donated her income from circle dancing teaching at any venue around the UK! In fact she raised £5000 in the end, a remarkable feat.

About the Project

Using the English styles of Open Learning Spaces they have created a non-controlled area, where children can learn independently and be creatively  inspired. This ‘salle d’activité’  modelled on a successful project at the ‘Centre Pond’ in Agadir illustrates the effectiveness of such measures in reducing the time young people might spend in high risk Cybercafés. Cybercafés are popular places for drugs, prostitution and other criminal activities.

The offerings are:

Reading corner: to include a library with books in both Arabic and French.

Arts and craft area: to allow young people to experiment and create e.g. drawings, painting, jewellery making etc…

Games section:  to include board games to provide an opportunity for the young people to play together and in teams. A small PlayStation area would be included to provide an alternative to Cybercafés.

Funds were raised to cover these and more: Bookshelf, books, television, 2 PlayStations + 2 screens, board games, educational games, toys, a play mat, cushions and pouffes  & arts and crafts items.

A New Research Grant on provision for Child Protection in our region
We are delighted to have introduced one of our guests, Professor Helen Snooks, to the MCT with the result that £40,000 was obtained for a project which will commence in 2020.  The research team will explore the existing system and recommend improvements including deinstitutionalisation. 

The Future

There are a number of ongoing projects at local and national level, and we can always 

  • invite an English-speaking member of the MCT to visit to tell you about their work
  • arrange a visit to their base, the Centre Amane near the Main Square to see their projects & staff in action

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