Tutor: Anne-Lise Kryger

Anne-Lise regards herself a Circle Dance facilitator. She originally arrived in England from Denmark  in her early twenties. After a few years of travelling and working in various countries in Europe she found her home in Northern England.

During her travels she often encountered local folk dancing, and an especially poignant moment on a Greek island made her aware of the power of dancing as a way of bringing people together in community. A group of elderly men with black berets were playing backgammon at the local tavern when a piece of Greek traditional music started playing. Their heads lifted, chairs scraped back and up they got straight into a shoulder-hold and they danced. After the dance finished they smiled and conversed animatedly before resuming their board game. Observing this with great fascination and a strong urge to join in was a eureka moment for Anne-Lise. A spontaneous call to movement and togetherness as soon as uplifting music starts is what we need more than ever in our more restrained Northern Europe. Circle Dance is the perfect vehicle for that purpose and after she discovered this wonderful form of communal dance with music and steps from around the world she has pursued that avenue since the early 1990’s.

Anne-Lise has attended numerous workshops, classes and courses in circle dance and has taught in earnest from 1996. She has run many classes in her native Cumbria since then as well as delivering courses and holidays nationally and abroad regularly. Circle dance has also been a valuable way of bringing people together at charity events, weddings, birthdays and memorial services. As a way of fostering understanding of different cultures and ways of life she has also introduced circle dance to day hospice, care homes and schools. It is her passionate belief that this inclusive form of dancing helps to promote wellbeing, as well as being a caring way of introducing understanding of different cultures and ways of life.

After more than 25 years of leading circle dance her main focus is still of creating a sense of family, belonging and of physical and mental wellness through the medium of music and movement.

Since 2015 Anne-Lise has annually brought her special brand of circle dance to La Maison Anglaise where the dance highlights include meditative dawn dancing on the roof top terrace, dancing in a local village and at the Claudio Bravo museum, often with the locals joining in, as well as evening sessions in the beautiful workshop space at the guest house. Together with the cultural experiences and the care of the wonderful, family-orientated staff, leading circle dance at La Maison Anglaise is the main highlight of Anne-Lise’s year.

In these uncertain and physically dividing times we are living through it is more important than ever to find ways of togetherness. Moving to the same rhythm and beat – the same heartbeat – is a great way to foster that sense of community and what better place to do that than with ‘Holidays with Heart’.

Comments from the 2020 holiday in February.

The quotes below are just recent quotes from WhatsApp Morocco 2020 conversations.

It was a wonderful holiday in a wonderful place with wonderful people with wonderful food and of course dancing. Thank you Anne-Lise and everyone.

Moroccan holiday was the best thing that happened in 2020. Just wonderful.

Our Moroccan holiday seems a life time ago now, but such happy, sun drenched memories of good times with friends.

Such a special week with wonderful friends creating lifelong memories.

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