Tutor: Emma Leaf

Emma leaf thumb

Emma has over 10 years’ experience teaching Yoga and 20 years’ experience practising Yoga .

She is a also a knowledgeable meditation leader, holsitic therapist, energy worker & Reiki Master.

Her teaching style is an eclectic mix. She also caters for the needs of everyone in her groups. need.

She is passionate about moving with full body awareness, embodied breath and what will really nourish, energise, benefit and balance.

Yoga brings union of breath, body and mind in harmony to expand with physical openness, connection and awareness.

Fully trained & certified with Sun Power Yoga 200 hours, Elemental Vinyasa Flow 50 hours, Yoga Nidra 50 hours and Well Woman Yoga 50 hours.

Breath deeply, expand with awareness and discover your own balance, strength, focus, joy and creativity.

Emma writes “Yoga removes blockages, allowing energy to move freely around the body. That is why we spend some time in each pose to gently ease the body to expand.  Union of breath, body and mind in harmony expands physical openness, connection and awareness.”

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