Tutor: Lideke Kieft

Lideke writes 

“For me Sacred Dance/ Circle Dance is the language of the soul. No words which can so easily be misunderstood, but the feeling that comes from making the movements, the connection and the music.

Does that feeling change if I change a step or a movement? What has a dance to tell you about you? Why is this movement so difficult for me to make and another one so easy? Some dances make me quiet and reflective, other ones make me smile, and there are the ones which makes me jump and reach to the sky.

The music makes me move, my feet start to make patterns on the ground, my arms move with them. That is how my choreographies arise. They are all recorded on DVD thanks to Judy King.

I love to teach accessible dances with in between the more complicated ones. My teaching skills from teaching French as a job helps me to explain the steps.

I am a trained dance teacher: I finished my teacher trainings in Holland at the school of Esclarmonde Tuk and at the school of Friedel Kloke. I followed a lot of workshops with Judy King and many other teachers also and I learned a lot of them. I teach two groups in Holland and give dancing days and dancing weekends in Holland and Belgium. I also taught at the annual festival in Brazil. It was a great experience to be part of this, the energy, the flow, the enthusiasm, the happiness.

Dancing makes me happy, teaching makes me happy and dancing together is a treat”.

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