Tutor: Louise Waugh

Louise W

Louise Waugh is a painter and printmaker. Her still lives and landscapes have been exhibited throughout the UK and also in America, Spain, Italy and Ireland as well as showing regularly in the R.A. Summer exhibition.

She says; –
“I have painted all my life and continue to do so and celebrate and enjoy the beauty I see in the world, from the landscapes in West Somerset, Bali, Morocco and wherever my travels take me as well as everyday objects and people in my life.”

Travel is an important part of my life and having now become more acquainted with Morocco I love what it has for me as an artist. Staying in La Maison Anglaise each year I realise how much there is to paint and draw there and how inspiring it is! Taroudant is a bustling colourful terracotta walled town with people going about their daily business, making bread, mending, selling fruit or weaving through the town on bicycles or travelling by the horse drawn carriages. It is great to sketch in whilst watching the world go by from a café, sipping mint tea putting it all down in a little sketchbook. Also, we go out and find villages in the Anti Atlas or the High Atlas in those beautiful huge landscapes or olive groves golden with late afternoon sun. Gathering the feel of the places with sketchbooks we can come back to the house and quietly continue to paint and develop our studies. I am glad Jane has given me the opportunity to take groups here for several years and shares that love of Morocco.

Recent Galleries and Shows

RA Summer Exhibition
Bristol RWA
Bath Society of Artists
RWS Bankside
The Marine House, Beer
John Leach Gallery, Somerset
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