Holiday Tutor: Muiz Brinkerhoff

Muiz Brinkerhoff, from northern California, USA, has been leading the Dances of Universal Peace and Sufi Sound & Breath practices since 1979, at retreats and camps around the USA mainland, in Hawai’i (1981-88), in the UK (mostly annually from 2003), Holland (2007), Morocco (2015-17), France (2017), and South Africa (2020). Like Jilani, his deep love for Morocco’s beauty, culture, and the welcoming hearts of its people continue to draw him back.

Muiz’ 49-year Sufi practice is deepened and broadened by a wide variety of life experiences and interests, and leavened with a large dose of common sense and a keen sense of humor. This combination helps him avoid getting stuck in some major pitfalls on the Spiritual Path — ungrounded ecstasy, joyless sobriety, and taking his limited ego far too seriously.

He also works individually with his own formal Sufi students; mentors emerging Dance Leaders; and offers informal guidance and mentoring to those who resonate with his particular approach to Waking Up: using a variety of embodied spiritual practices; cultivating a radiant attitude & an inclusive Heart; increasing magnetism, spiritual attunement, empathy, kindness, & gratitude; and practicing Presence in daily activities.

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