Tutor: Teresa Verney

Teresa writes “In 2000 I went to Spain on a week’s course with Frankie Armstrong entitled ‘Find your Voice’. The impact of Frankie’s approach was enormous and none of my previous musical training experiences had ever touched me so deeply. For the first time I was not judged and every sound I made was ‘good enough.”

Teresa felt compelled to use what she had learned to help others, and so began her route into voice work and singing groups. She now runs three community choirs in North Norfolk entitled ‘Sing for Joy!’, leads singing holidays and workshops and uses the voice as a tool to help others find a way to express themselves.

She is constantly finding new ways to challenge herself and in 2019, she attended a year’s course with Briony Greenhill who specializes in the art of vocal improvisation. There is a liberation that comes with the courage to improvise and Teresa likes to gently slip some of these ideas into her teaching.

The underpinning of Teresa’s work lies in her belief in the unique sanctity of each person’s voice and that every individual has the right to be heard. There is nothing more gratifying to her than to give people the chance to sing.

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