Tutor: Vivienne Couch


Vivienne writes….Singing is our birthright, and creates a sense of wellbeing. An overwhelming joy floods into our souls when we let go of any inhibitions we have about our voice. Having been classically trained I was very used to being in groups of people who used written notation to interpret musical sound. Then, one ‘light bulb’ day, I experienced the joy of singing songs with everyone learning by ear and having an immediate connection with each other. It was so freeing, so inclusive and accessible to everyone that I knew this was the way I wanted to teach.

On this week I hope to build a trusting environment so that you will experience an uplift and a sense of real achievement when you sing in harmony with others. It won’t matter if you have never sung like this before, because our singing together will be non-judgmental and confidence building. On your holiday the songs I’ll teach will encompass the whole range of human emotion. Songs will be taught by ear but words will be available.

For many years Vivienne has run numerous singing workshops including singing courses at Marlborough College Summer School. She runs a Community Choir in Llandeilo. After studying at the Royal College of Music, Vivienne became Head of Music at Burwell Village College, Cambridgeshire. She has taught in Powys and Carmarthenshire, where she was a tutor at Trinity College, Carmarthen and Llandovery College. She has an interest in composing and has won competitions with the Whirligig Theatre and HTV. She also composes for her Community Choir. 

“I found the singing absolutely enjoyable and inspiring. To sing in a group like this was a totally new experience for me and I loved it. I have no technical musical knowledge which I thought might be quite scary in such a week but you made it so unthreatening and easy to understand”

More comments from people who have been to Morocco with Vivienne:

It was the most memorable week I think I have ever experienced – so spiritual and profound – and that was only the singing part of it.  I did so enjoy all the other parts of getting to know some lovely Berber and Moroccan people and parts of a fascinating country.”

“The whole experience was great fun and I wanted to thank Vivienne in particular for guiding us through it all with such enthusiasm and good humour.” Jill

When you told us about the Moroccan holiday, way back last summer, I thought it sounded as though it would be wonderful … and it lived up to all expectations and beyond!! I’m still living in the afterglow”

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