Tutor: Vivienne Couch


For many years Vivienne has run numerous singing workshops including singing courses at Marlborough College Summer School. She runs a Community Choir in Llandeilo and teaches in Llandovery College, Carmarthenshire. After studying at the Royal College of Music, Vivienne
became Head of Music at Burwell Village College, Cambridgeshire. She has taught in Powys and Carmarthenshire, where she was a tutor at Trinity College, Carmarthen. She has an interest in composing and has won competitions with the Whirligig Theatre and HTV. She also composes for her Community Choir.

Many of us really want to have the opportunity and freedom to sing. It is so easy to be judgmental about our own voice, thinking we are no good, but when you let go of any fear there is an  overwhelming joy to be had. On this week Vivienne will build a trusting environment and our singing together will be non-judgmental and confidence building. So far, it has been an uplifting experience for those who have been.

About La Maison Anglaise, Vivienne says … “In my experience nothing has come up to the standard of expertise, care and concern, variety of activities and climate, as this holiday. Every holiday I have led in ‘La Maison Anglaise’ has been overwhelmingly positive. Jane B has planned everything, from our travel, to the wonderful experiences laid on by the Moroccan staff. You just must experience it! Where else would you be invited into the homes of the Moroccan people with ‘Dounia’, walk in the foothills of the stunning Anti Atlas
Mountains with ‘Said’ and come back to the most delicious food cooked by ‘Fatima and Little Latifa’…just to mention only two experiences of many that make this holiday amazing.”

More comments from people who have been to Morocco with Vivienne:

“It was so special – your inspired leadership, our fellow ‘incredible women’ and the outstanding staff at La Maison Anglaise.” Ellen

“The whole experience was great fun and I wanted to thank Vivienne in particular for guiding us through it all with such enthusiasm and good humour.” Jill

“My first visit – and a wonderful experience. Everything is so well planned, and I loved the way in which everything we need is provided, especially things we might not know we need, ranging from a bottle of water on arrival at the airport, a personal ‘key’ ring so we can identify our towels on the line and an exfoliating glove for the Hammam! The attention is in the detail and always given with a smile from the delightful staff. Thank you!” X Trish